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'Gold Rush' relives ‘Heroes and Zeroes’ on Discovery Channel

The Hoffman Crew in Guyana on this past season of Gold Rush
The Hoffman Crew in Guyana on this past season of Gold Rush
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel used with permission

Last night’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Heroes and Zeroes,” and gives viewers a recollection of the fourth season of this fan favorite. Todd Hoffman took his crew to Guyana in hopes of having the best year of their careers.

Obstacle after obstacle was met by the Hoffman crew in their pursuit of precious gold. Horrible roads, illegal miners who beat them to their claim, and hot weather; the opposite of anything they found in the Klondike.

Meanwhile in the Klondike, Parker Schnabel was given 100 ounces of gold from his Grandpa John. When he reached the area, he had to clear the ice that was blocking his path. Tony Beets, the Viking who owned the land Parker was mining, came by each week to get his cut of the profit. As each day posed another breakdown of equipment, and other challenges, Tony Beets was not happy with the progress they were making.

In Guyana, the hunt for new ground was a priority. When they found gold in the pan, they moved and then found garbage again, which meant that the land was mined before. In eight weeks, there was no gold, and Dave Turin was done. He decided to go home, and come back only if Todd found gold for him to mine. In Guyana, the Hoffman crew started finding diamonds and a new-found hope for their fortune and a salvation of their season and hard work.

In the Klondike, after running the wash plant into the ground, and halting the operation, Parker was given a lifeline by Freddy Dodge, who leased him a new wash plant; Big Red, but getting it there was a tough job. Finally, when the wash plant arrived, it was a dream come true. Thanks to the wash plant, they found 836 ounces.

In the Guyana jungle, they learned how to mine for diamonds, and with the claim owner about to visit, they hoped he would be happy. With their 150 days up, Tony was disappointed with their progress, and less impressed with their diamonds. He told them they had to leave. They pulled out less than $5,000 in gold and diamonds.

At Scribner Creek, his crew was headed south to avoid the Klondike winter. However, Parker and Rick Ness went for the 1,000-ounce goal, with ten days to do it. In the end, with the wash plant frozen, he had to take the last bucket home to see his grandfather. When John saw all the gold, he was overjoyed.

On the new season of “Gold Rush,” Tony Beets will be mining, as will Parker, and Dave Turin. Todd Hoffman is a broken man, and his crew has abandoned him. Tony Beets bought an old dredge that he must refurbish. Parker has doubled his goal of last year, because if he can make over two million dollars, he will be able to buy his own claim. So tune in come October and see how the new season progresses, as fans will surely find much to cheer about and bleep about on future episodes of "Gold Rush."

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