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'Gold Rush' has to ‘Medevac’ a miner on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Medevac.” As the episode opened in Porcupine Creek, they were running paydirt from the downstream cut. With only four weeks left of the season, they found another 52 ounces to add to their total. Now heavy rains have turned Porcupine Creek into a raging river, jeopardizing their downstream cut. As they watch the water rise, the levee starts to give way, endangering the levee of collapsing and burying the downstream cut and ending their season early.

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In Scribner Creek, Parker is fighting his crew and trying to follow his grandfather’s suggestion to mine the other side of the creek. Although Gene disagrees with Parker’s idea, calling it Fantasy Land. Tony Beets found out that Parker was trying to mine Fantasy Land, and came by to discover more gold in the cut Parker abandoned. Now Tony is mad and insists that Parker stay where they were. Parker heads back to Fantasy Land anyway, and has another plan.

At Porcupine Creek, the levee is in danger of breaching. With the cut too dangerous to mine, he and Dustin head back up the Cahoon Creek. Fred wants to check it out after the failure of Dustin to find gold in the first concentrate. Fred knows there is gold there, and wants to check for himself. Immediately, Fred spots the problem; where Dustin was mining, was granite, and Fred knows there is no gold in granite. However, looking at two mountains next to each other, he spots the difference in one against the other. One is granite, and the other has vegetation and red soil with a fault line between the two where Fred knows the gold will be. Dustin is at the end of his rope, and when Fred returns to Porcupine, Dustin remains behind to look for a way to move the wash plant a thousand feet up the mountain. They use the two mini-excavators to try to drag it to its destination. After four hours of dragging, they finally bring it to its next destination.

In Guyana, a day without problems is a good day so far. They are now hunting for diamonds, as they have abandoned their gold-mining expedition. As a pump starts to slow down the water flow, Thurber assesses the problem, the pump caught fire because the fuel tank was too close. Brian goes back to get parts, but he crashes his motorcycle. As the crews assess his situation, Todd calls for a medevac, and demands that the production crew stop filming.

In Scribner, Parker has run the rock truck off the road, and in need of help from his crew. They are pissed at him to begin with, for attempting to mine Fantasy Land, but they accomplish the tedious job. As they prepare to do the clean out of the Fantasy Land paydirt, large pickers are showing through the sluice.

In Guyana, they are now down a man, as Brian was evacuated to the States with a dislocated elbow. With the parts located, Thurber is performing his kind of hillbilly surgery on the damaged pump. After losing two days from Brian’s accident and the pump being down, they found twenty diamonds.

On Cahoon Creek, they are doing a clean out after ten yards of dirt, and found a lot of gold. Finally!

Parker cleans out his gold and Tony is there for the tally. This time he got 32.75 ounces from Fantasy Land, but Tony is not happy, because he still wants him to clean out the first cut. Parker is tired of Tony being on his back and decided to give him the 15% of the 800-ounce goal. This way, Parker has his freedom and can do what he wants. Now if Fantasy Land just pays off, he will have truly earned his freedom on this episode of "Gold Rush."

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