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'Gold Rush' experiences ‘The Resurrection’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s special Monday episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “The Resurrection” and as the episode opened, the Hoffman crew has been in Guyana for the last 100 days without finding any gold. On the last episode, Tony, the claim owner told Todd to shut down, pack up and go home. Now Todd has to fight to save his operation. Tony then challenged him to find fourteen ounces in one week.

When he returned to his camp and told his crew, they could not believe their ears. So Jack led them in prayer to find the strength and the gold to keep them there, then they went to work. Dave Turin doubts that the ground has any gold. Andy finally found the gravel after digging for several hours. If this is the paydirt, they have been looking for, they may find the gold.

In Porcupine Creek, the Dakota Boys have found 72 ounces of gold, enough to finance the Cahoon Creek expedition. Fred had a surprise for Dustin, two mini excavators, but they had to be disassembled to get to Cahoon in three helicopter trips, but these are no ordinary excavators, and they had to perform unusual tasks to take them apart. As long as they did not weigh more than 2,000, they could fly them in. Now Dustin and his crew were about to start mining Cahoon that until 50 years ago was covered by a glacier, so they are sure it has never been mined before.

In Scribner Creek, Parker’s crew is chasing 800 ounces of gold and barely halfway there with just one-third of the season left. Parker has to make some serious modifications to Big Red so it does not continue to jam up. To change the screens, it takes a day out of their operation of finding gold.

In Guyana, the Hoffman crew is running day and night to find the fourteen ounces in a week. The jungle is no place to work during the night, but they have no choice, especially when Thurber finds a snake too close to him. Then as luck would have it, Todd gets a call that there has been an accident down at the pit. Kevin has nearly rolled his rock truck, trying to work in the dark. Todd agrees that the gold is not worth someone’s life.

In Cahoon Creek, Dustin has the camp set up, and they are ready to assemble their equipment. With the two excavators done, it is time to assemble the wash plant, but the hopper is too high for the excavators.

In Scribner Creek, Parker is running the wash plant finally to eliminate the congestion. Chris Doumitt is unhappy that Parker made the changes. With the wash plant running so fast, something is sure to go wrong and does. It took two hours, and more time wasted to clear the rocks and restart the machine.

In Guyana, the rock truck is holding up production, and if they can get it out, they can start mining again. Mission accomplished, and now night mining is canceled completely.

In Cahoon, Dustin is still trying to assemble the wash plant, finally they get it done and start running paydirt.

At Scribner Creek, Parker is determined to run Big Red to the maximum, but let Chris Doumitt oversee Big Red.

In Guyana, it is the seventh day, and it is time for the clean out. Will they stay or will they go? They got two ounces of gold, but fifteen diamonds, so Todd called Tony. When he told him about the diamonds, Tony agreed to give him more time, but wants double the diamonds and is sending someone to look over their shoulders to watch out for Tony’s interest.

In Scribner Creek, it is clean up time for Parker. Tony Beets arrives for his 15% cut, and the end result was 112.80 ounces on this episode of "Gold Rush."

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