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'Gold Rush' experiences the ‘Death of a Dream’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Death of a Dream” and as the episode opened, the Hoffman crew has been in Guyana for the last 100 days without finding any gold. As Todd and Dave check the sluice for gold, he found a diamond in Little Red. Now Dave, a gold miner, is looking for diamonds after reconditioning the jigs to get diamonds, a job for Freddy Dodge. At home, it would be easy, but in the jungle, if you do not have a certain part; you must build it.

In Porcupine Creek, the Dakota Boys are mining the paydirt from the downstream cut, but Dustin wants to mine in Cahoon Creek, the source of Porcupine Creek’s gold. However, Dustin’s dream is on hold until they make enough money to finance the Cahoon operation. Now, as things always go wrong, the loader gets a flat tire and there is no spare.

In Scribner Creek, Parker is out to make a name for himself in the Klondike, but two-thirds of the season is over and at seven dollars a yard, it will not make a dent. So to make up for lost time and money, they must run Big Red faster and longer. Parker asks Rick if he works more hours, and he agrees, but running the wash plant alone and at night, requires attention. So Gene gives the greenhorn a few pointers. But only two hours into Rick’s solo shift, rocks have jammed up Big Red’s feeder, stopping any paydirt from going through the plant, but with the water still rushing through, it could wash the gold from the riffles. When he managed to get it started again, he forgot to shut off the bypass valve, as the gold flows into the tailings pond.

At 2 a.m., when Parker returned to check on the operation, he found the valve open and when he heard how long it was open; he knew the night was a waste of time. So he got on his cell phone and called in a pro.

In Guyana, the crew has reconfigured the jigs on the sluice. Then, as gingerly as possible, they position them with the use of the heavy equipment. Now they are ready to mine for diamonds and gold.

In Porcupine Creek, after one day and $1,000, Fred found the only spare loader tire within 100 miles. The tire is narrower than the old tire, leaving them without a tire. However, Fred decides to use wooden spacers around the circumference of the tire from the inside, spreading and making the tire wider. Once on the rim, they will hope it works. Now to put the tire on without dislodging the spacers. Still a bit short, they try to seal the leak with grease and silicone. Again, their ingenuity works and they are again mining.

In Guyana, they bring the twenty-year-old jigs back to life by welding in 105 degree jungle heat. In no time, they find a diamond.

In Scribner, Chris Doumitt arrived to give Parker a hand and Greg Remsburg was glad to see his old friend. Nevertheless, after just ten minutes, Chris had the same problem with a jam that Rick had, but Chris remembers to turn off the bypass after he clears the jam. But minutes later, Big Red jams once again. So Chris confronts Parker before the day shift begins. Chris explains the problem to Parker, who agrees to let him run Big Red his way. He slowed it down by 20% and gave it a change to work without clogging. Now things are rolling.

In Guyana, the crew is running the sluices and are looking for both treasures. Dave Turin is now a happy camper as he sits in his excavator. In the clean up room, Thurber and Tony Melville are searching for diamonds and found a gem quality diamond. They will have to wait to give Todd the good news because he was summoned to Georgetown by the claim owner, Tony, who is unhappy with Todd’s disastrous season. Todd feels like a kid called to the principal’s office.

In Porcupine Creek, Dustin is digging the downstream cut, to make money to finance Cahoon. Fred called the crew together after the clean out and announced that they found 72 ounces, which is enough to finance the Cahoon Creek operation, and if their suspicions are correct, they will find the mother lode.

At Scribner Creek, Parker hopes to clear 100 ounces as Tony Beets comes in for his cut. This time they got 140.65 ounces and a smile from Tony. With Chris Doumitt, Parker found his leprechaun.

In Georgetown, Todd is staring failure in the face. Tony’s 12% cut has not amounted to much. This Tony is as demanding as Tony Beets, and as he hears Todd’s complaints, he tells Todd to shut down, pack up and go home on this episode of "Gold Rush."

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