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'Gold Rush' experiences a ‘Blowout’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Blowout” and as the episode opened, Scribner Creek has received the delivery of Big Red. After losing Little Blue, and cleaning out the final gold from its corpse, Tony Beets arrives for the countdown. Tony is not all too happy with the 85 ounces they gathered from the wash plant. Tony is never satisfied and continues to push Parker to the limit. Now Parker must push his crew to assemble Big Red with its 40-foot sluice box. Problems occur as they must use their construction equipment to do the lifting and moving of this massive machine. As they start it up, there are smiles all around, but fans know that things do not always go as expected.

Jack and Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In Guyana, Dave Turin found gold in Hope Creek and must run a full-scale test to see if it was a true reading and not another false alarm. As they are finishing the first load, the skies open up. The next morning when Andy arrived at the pit, it was filled with 25-feet of water and the pump was submerged.

At Porcupine Creek, the Dakota Boys are digging good paydirt from their downstream cut. The first clean out gave them 20 ounces, now they are trying to beat this with each clean out beating the last one. After 12 hours, they do another clean out to ensure they are still on the gold. However, for the 12 hours, they only got two ounces this time. Is the D-Rocker not working, or is it just a bad place to mine?

At Scribner Creek, Parker is ready to go, and his crew knows what Big Red can do. With Tony breathing down Parker’s neck, it better produce. Suddenly, Big Red has a blowout. The machine is not designed to run large chunks of bedrock, and a huge rock was stuck in a small pathway. Now they have to enlarge the pre-wash outlet to allow larger rocks to pass through. Gene wants Parker to shut down to fix it properly, because if it continues to run in this manner, it will wash away the gold anyway. Now Gene is unhappy with Parker.

In Guyana, they have to get the pump out of the water, and remove the suction line and save it. Dave goes barefoot through the water to retrieve the suction line and filter. The water is home of cayman, poisonous snakes and electric eels that can kill a person. Dave dove in twice in the 25-foot muddy pit to find the suction line that was buried beneath the mud. Dave, you are one brave man! They have to get the hose and filter out in one piece, as it is the only one they have. Carefully, they bring it out of the mud with the filter intact. Then they lift out the huge pump; now if it works, will be the last factor.

In Porcupine Creek, Fred is checking the D-Rocker, but the water in the intake pond is muddy. Muddy water is heavy and will not allow the gold to fall to the bottom of the sluice. Now the clean water in the cut is what is needed for the intake pond. Dustin has another plan to move the hose, but it is too dangerous. Now Fred steps in to reconfigure the hoses, and his plan works.

In Scribner Creek, Parker’s operation is still compromised, as by ignoring Gene’s suggestion to shut down and fix the intake hole, he decided to band-aid the operation. Now Big Red has yet another blowout, and the crew is getting very annoyed with the constant breakdowns. It took Gene just half an hour to fix the problem, now they can mine again.

In Guyana, Mitch is confident that he can fix the flooded pump, but the starter is broken. With the help of cannibalizing spare parts from other equipment, he gets the pump running. Mitch is the MacGyver of the Hoffman Crew.

Now that Gene fixed Big Red, they will check to see if the first clean out is a profitable one. Tony arrives to see the total, and it is an ounce less than the last one. By ignoring the blowouts, Parker is deeper in a hole, and Tony is losing what little patience God gave him to begin with.

At Porcupine Creek, they are hoping for a 25-ounce week. As they shut down and start the clean out, Melody is doubtful, but Fred announces that they found 27 ounces and a great week on this episode of "Gold Rush."

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