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'Gold Rush' discovers ‘Parker’s Take: Part 2’ on Discovery Channel

Gold in the pan, means money in the bank on Gold Rush
Gold in the pan, means money in the bank on Gold Rush
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel used with permission

Last night’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Parker’s Take,” and was narrated by Parker Schnabel, who gave fans more insight into what goes on during the filming of this amazing show. He also let fans know that a new season will be airing in October. On this second part of the show, Parker tells about how his father and brother went to Smith’s Creek, to find the gold his grandfather believes was still there. It is a labor of love for his beloved grandfather who believed in him and taught him everything he knows about gold mining.

John Schnabel, 93, is in the late stages of prostate cancer. He knows that his days are numbered, but his dying wish is to see the millions in gold he just knows is in Smith Creek. He has been mining this area in Alaska for 25 years and does not want to close his eyes for good until his suspicion is proven. It will not be easy for the two brothers, Payson and Parker to do this as the weather is getting worse, but they love their grandfather and will do anything for him.

After they started, the temperature went up to 40 degrees. They got help; a few guys agreed to assist, Dakota Fred loaned Parker an excavator. Payson found a rock the size of a pickup truck, and sent the excavator into a mud hole, and he could not get out. Finally, he freed himself and removed the massive boulder. However, time is against them, and they are not even a quarter of the way done. Rick Ness brought a monitor down from the Klondike.

When asked on Twitter who Parker’s heroes were, he replied, John Wayne, Johnny Cash and his dad Roger and grandpa John!

If they go with the original plan, no rock truck will make it down to the cut. So they decide to choose half of the cut and work on that side. If they are lucky, they will have chosen the correct side. Grandpa drove down to see how the guys were progressing. When he saw the ground the boys were digging, he knew it was river gravel. Payson keeps digging, while Parker gets the wash plant running. It started up on the first try, giving them a good feeling. But as luck would have it, when Rick tried to start the loader, it went on fire. Now with only one loader, they need a hopper/feeder to help them out. Parker’s hopper is in the Klondike, 600 miles away, so they go to their dad, who drives the truck up there and brings it back.

Rick and Parker get it hooked up and Roger runs an excavator and after running it for 18 hours straight, but overnight the temperature had dropped ten degrees, and being so tired, they forgot to drain the wash plant, and all the valves broke from the water turning to ice.

Parker then gave fans a clue to the new season. There are new miners, new mines, way more gold, lots of issues with a lot of people; it is going to be a great season.

As the boys were thawing the sluice, John showed up, so they sent him to his old workshop to warm up while they did the hard work. They checked the jig because there was nothing in the sluice. The jig held the secret that John knew all along; large nuggets in Smith Creek. Now John will leave a legacy of gold for generations to come on this and future episodes of "Gold Rush."

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