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'Gold Rush' discovers ‘Fantasy Land’ on Discovery Channel

Tonight’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Fantasy Land.” As the episode opened at Scribner Creek, Parker is pushing his crew and machines to race to the end of the season. So far this season, Parker has found 530 ounces, and his goal is 800 ounces. With Tony Beets on his back every week, he is driven to push as hard as he can. As he tests three pans, he finds nothing. However, a visitor came to Scribner; it is his grandfather, John, who at 93 has lots of years of mining under his belt. As Parker seemed to run out of places to dig, John gave Parker incentive to mine the other side of the Creek.

Jack and Todd Hoffman of Gold Rush
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

In Guyana, and living on a prayer, the Hoffman crew is looking for Tony’s ultimatum of 30 diamonds or 14 ounces of gold. Tony Melville and his son found a great place for Dave to mine. It is called a shout, which is a depression where diamonds are deposited as the rest of the water flowed downstream. The shout is two miles from Hope Creek, and Dave has to clear a path to run a test. But the area is too wet from the recent rains.

In Cahoon Creek, Dustin and his crew are breaking ground with the portable equipment Fred bought. Suddenly, the wash plant gives them a problem. Too much vibration has caused the engine to stall. Dustin jury-rigs a design to separate the engine from the wash plant and the fuel-tank stops moving.

In the Klondike, they are running out of good dirt. So Parker goes across the Creek to check the short side of the bend in the Creek. When he tells Gene that he wants to mine the other side of Scribner, Gene tells him it is “Fantasy Land” and they should stay where they are.

In Guyana, Dave Turin knows that if he digs the shout, it will fill with water and could be a disaster, so he is digging downstream of it. Two men from the claim holder arrive to oversee the Hoffman operation. Todd shows them the shout, and they question why they are not mining it directly. They also tell Todd he is living on borrowed time, and will return at the end of the week to check the clean out.

That night, Todd talks to Andy and Dave about the conversation he had with Tony’s men. They demanded that they mine the shout. As Dave tries to state his reason, Todd just walks away; he is no longer in charge.

At Cahoon, Dustin could use another pump, one to supply water and one to pump out where he is digging. With water in the hole, he cannot determine if he has hit bedrock. So he decides to pump the water from the pit, straight into the wash plant. If it works, it will be a major improvement to the operation. But a blowout at the wash plant causes another delay. The dirty pit water, caused a blockage. So once they clear the pump, they return to square one.

At Hope Creek, Dave has abandoned his plan. As Dave digs the shout, it starts to fill with water. Now they have to lay dirt and sand, so they can bring the rock truck in. But Dave’s excavator slipped on the muddy terrain and is now sinking in the mud. Yet another complication delays their hunt for diamonds. As they make it to the shout, they can see if their effort was worth it.

At Scribner Creek, Parker is at odds with Gene, but he is checking the other side of the Creek with the D-10 dozer. As he checks the dirt, it looks to him like tailings, or dirt that was previously mined.

After a week at the top of the mountain, Dustin and his guys are returning to Porcupine to see if the concentrate he brought back is rich with gold. After the clean out, Dustin’s result was no gold.

Parker has one more ace up his sleeve, as he tries to check another area of the Creek and found gold in the pan, and also along the side of the previous dig.

In Guyana, it is judgment day, as the men return to check if the crew got their quota. As everyone in the crew was brought to the clean out room, they found 28 diamonds and received an extension to the end of the season, but not much confidence from the claim owner’s men on this episode of "Gold Rush."

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