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'Gold Rush' Dave Turin finds ‘Hope Creek’ on Discovery Channel

Last night’s episode of "Gold Rush" was titled “Hope Creek” and as the episode opened, it saw the return of miner Dave Turin. After quitting three weeks ago when they found the garbage left behind by previous miners, Dave left to return home to his family. Now Todd has assured him they found good ground. When Dave returned, he discovered that Todd was currently mining diamonds; however, Dave is a gold miner and intends to mine gold.

At Scribner Creek, the mine is at a standstill because Little Blue is dead. With a mere 120 ounces of his 800-ounce goal, Parker brought in Freddy Dodge, the only person who could salvage his season. Freddy knows that Big Red is sitting idle on the Hoffman’s old claim. Big Red got the Hoffman’s a million dollars worth of gold last season, so Freddy tells Parker to lease it for the rest of the season. It is capable of running 180 yards of paydirt an hour and has one of the largest sluice boxes in the Klondike. Freddy warns Parker not to break it. One problem, Big Red is 35 miles from Parker’s claim.

As Gene and Parker meet with Guy Favron, whose family business has been mining the Klondike for forty years. Although it is short notice, Guy agrees to help Parker out and not waste valuable sluice time.

In Guyana, Todd’s lavador crew is finally seeing it work. Dave is busy clearing a path to make a road that will sustain the gold-mining operation, but he found that it was just too wet, and he has no time to build a bridge.

In Porcupine Creek, they are finally filling in the glory hole. Now they will concentrate on Cahoon Creek, where Dustin found more gold there than all the time wasted on the glory hole. Fred is apprehensive about setting up Cahoon because it could cost $100,000 to start an operation there. Fred wants to start mining on the downstream side of Porcupine, but they will have to move lots of ground. As the material changes as they dig, Fred is confident that they will find gold yet at Porcupine Creek.

In the jungle, the lavador crew is mining for diamonds. When Dave hits a dead end, Todd sent Tony Melville to give his ideas. Tony told Dave that what he thought was a swamp, was really a creek and Tony feels that there could certainly be gold in that creek. When they run a test pan, Dave is thrilled that his trip was not in vain. There is gold in the pan and Dave calls the new waterway, “Hope Creek.“

At Porcupine Creek, the Dakota Boys are running paydirt from their new downstream cut. Melody notices that the D-Rocker is no longer working. When they investigate, the see that the two striker bars that change the D-Rocker’s direction are broken off; rendering it useless. Thanks to ingenuity and pure guts, they weld it back on and after a test run, it works. Now putting the deck back on properly is all that is needed. Fred directs Dustin to place it on with the dozer, and now they are back in business.

In Scribner Creek, the new wash plant is being loaded on to the flatbeds, and it is a scary proposition. After nerves of steel prevail, the equipment is properly loaded. Now for the 35-mile trip to the claim, with a mountain in between.

In Guyana, Dave is optimistic that Hope Creek will pay off. The first rock truck is loaded and ready to bring its load to the wash plant. Muddy roads are the boss, and Dave is forced to unload the gold-rich contents of his truck so it can be rescued from the mud. The jungle gives up nothing without a fight.

In the Klondike, Guy and Parker are leading the way in the heavy-duty truck, but behind them, the semi has a problem. Gene’s truck towed the truck that was over six times the capacity of the pickup truck’s towing ability. That is some truck!

In Porcupine, Fred is optimistic that the new cut will pay, as Melody sees chunks of gold shining through on the sluice; they prepare to do a clean out. When Fred comes through the doors, he announces that they found twenty ounces. This is triple what they found so far, and that was with the D-Rocker down for a few days.

In Guyana, Dave Turin is reinforcing the road, so they can mine Hope Creek. As Dave tries it out, the sand is holding and the truck makes it through to haul the first load of paydirt. Now, they are both gold miners and diamond miners and both doing what they love on this episode of "Gold Rush."

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