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'Gold Rush' Dakota Fred Hurt has new show, 'All That Glitters' on Discovery

Dakota Fred
Dakota Fred


Jennifer Sheets, Executive Assistant to Fred Hurt, just contacted me, November 6, 2014, for a correction update of this article. She wrote, "The title of this article suggests that Discovery Channel is developing Gold Blooded (wt) the documentary and that is not correct. Additionally, no network has been announced to date for the distribution of the series."

Deadline reports that Dakota Fred Hurt, formally from the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” series, along with his son, Dustin Hurt, is expanding their operation into another TV reality show called, “All That Glitters.” This one promises to be more true-to-life.

Films crews have started working on the new series “All That Glitters” in Haines, Alaska. Previously on “Gold Rush,” Dustin had an obsession to divert a waterfall in their search for gold. This new series will explore his theory further to see if they can strike it rich. Their mine, Porcupine Creek, is on the Dalton/Klondike trail.

Dakota Fred said, “It was time for me to venture off into something more realistic, and I left the show on my own terms, and that’s all I can say. Now we are going to show some true-life excursions my son and I are tackling.”

The series will portray how hard the Alaskan weather can be on prospectors and the people who live there. This venture could cost Dakota Fred, and his crew, more money than they will make. That is the gamble of prospecting.

According to a post on Dakota Fred's Facebook page, Dakota Fred and Dustin were let go because they wanted a raise. Neither parties could come to an agreement, so allegedly Fred and his crew were dropped from the show.

Season 2 of “Gold Rush” Dakota Fred bought the claim, Porcupine Creek that Todd Hoffman mined in Season 1. Todd and his men knew nothing about gold mining and they proved it. When Todd missed a payment, Dakota Fred bought the land from Earl Foster. Under Dakota Fred’s direction, Porcupine Creek gave them 80.4 ounces of gold worth $125,000.

In Season 3, Dakota Fred and his crew mined Porcupine Creek again. Dakota Fred and fellow cast member, Parker, each made over a quarter million dollars.

Season 4, Dakota Fred and his son mined an area called, Cahoon Creek. This section of glacial land is difficult to get to and not friendly to miners. In the late 1800's, this land had only been mined with pickaxes. The Dakota crew mined 280 ounces.

Kirk Roos and Matt Walsh will be the ones in charge of directing Fred’s new show. Kirk produced “The Brass Teapot,” and he made a documentary, “American Herro” which aired on PBS. Matt directed “High Road" and upcoming show, “A Better You.”

No release date has been announced for when "All That Glitters" will come on TV. Be sure to check back for news on the dates and times of his new show.

Will you be watching Fred's new show when it airs?

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