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Gold Coast first glittered in Whitestone



  • sue Mignano 6 years ago

    very interesting, steve....i enjoyed learning about the origin of the 'gold coast.'

  • Victoria Valenti 6 years ago

    I loved this article..."Who knew??"...I always thought the Gold Coast started near Glen Cove and went East from there. Thanks for the info Steve...keep it coming. Even though I retired in VA...Long Island still has my heart. Take care.

  • rogerspm 5 years ago

    Hi LIGC fans. The 'Gold Coast' unofficially starts at Great Neck peninsula (mainly since that is the beginning of Nassau County), and runs east, as far east, some would argue, as St. James and Shoreham areas...but early Whitestone Landing/Beechhurst, and Douglaston Manor areas are often included, and are certainly worthy of LIGC mention.

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