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Gold charms are great gifts for Valentine’s Day: What the charms mean

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. A holiday celebrated every year on February 14 in dedication to couples of all ages. The color of this holiday is red representing love but pink is also acceptable for the young and individuals who also want to share the day and how wonderful their friendship is.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A wonderful gift for your valentine is a charm bracelet. Once your love has the bracelet you can add to it year after year. A gold charm is a beautiful symbol of your love. There are many charms to choose from depending upon what the love of your life is interested in. Charms for Mother’s who participate in their child’s sport activities, cooking utensils for the chef in the house, small sewing machine or a needle and thread for the sewing fanatic or a pair of dancing shoes for your girl who was or still has a love for dancing and the list can go on and on. These are typical charms or the more popular ones that you can purchase at the jewelry store. There are other charms that no one ever thinks to ask about. These types of charms are an older variety that are beautiful and tell a message about the person or bring a gift of luck and more to the one receiving the gift.

More unusual charms that tell a message to your valentine:

  • Anchor – hope and optimism
  • Buddha’s shell – fortune and sanctity
  • Bumble Bee – luck and prosperity
  • Dolphin – friendship
  • Egyptian ankh – health, wisdom and long life
  • Elephant – luck
  • Eye of Horus – health and wealth
  • Four-leaf clover – good luck
  • Grecian key – knowledge and opportunity
  • Heart – love and friendship
  • Horse – achievement and happiness
  • Horseshoe – protection and luck
  • Japanese frog – safe travel
  • Lion – long life
  • Mushroom – good things to come
  • Owl – wisdom and truth
  • Pig – wealth
  • Pole star – guidance and safety
  • Rooster – good fortune and justice
  • Rose – love
  • Sun – awareness and enlightenment
  • Thor’s hammer – success in adversity
  • Turtle – wisdom

Which gold charm do you hope to receive this Valentine’s Day?

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