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Gold and Diamond Eyelashes

exculsive for Barney's NYC
exculsive for Barney's NYC

Lashes are getting all dressed up. The traditional eyelash strip had gotten a stylist and has become more unique and lavish. Kreme at beauty gold and diamond is the salon responsible for this upgrade. Established in 2009 by Taylor Chang Babaian, gold and diamond lashes have been a popular trend on the red carpet and in major fashion magazines. In 2011 the company began to manufacture these beautiful jeweled lashes and made them exclusively for Barneys, NYC.

These luxurious lashes are made with human hair and are customized according to the clients desired length. Each set of lashes is embellished with tiny white diamonds and 18 carat gold. Each lash strip is adorned with the precious stones and decadent gold to create a look that truly reflects wealth and luxury. The application takes about one hour to apply and retails for 1350.00 dollars and are made to order.