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Gojira Takes Down St. Andrew's

One of France's heaviest bands, Gojira, brings their latest tour to St. Andrew's this Sunday.
One of France's heaviest bands, Gojira, brings their latest tour to St. Andrew's this Sunday.

If you’re a metal fan, and you’ve gotten tired of all the bands trying to invoke times of yesteryear, or bands more worried if their fans are gonna have enough room to do karate kicks in the pit- then I have a band for you. One of metal’s most steadily rising bands, France’s Gojira delivers a brand of metal that is as technical as it is crushing.

Throughout the past several years, the band has continued to deliver some of the best albums metal has seen and puts forth one of metal’s most intense live sets.

After a bit of a delay in between albums, Gojira released “L’Enfant Sauvage” back in June to massive fanfare. If you’ve checked out the band on their past albums, it’s easy to see why. Lead by brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier, the band’s progressive stylings collide with heavy grooves that hit every single riff with pounding precision. When listening to cuts like “The Axe” and the title track, there’s urgency and fury in the music that a lot of metal bands lost, or never found. “Sauvage” is the first album for the band in a while that steers away from environmental based themes, and goes with more personal themes- but doesn’t skip a beat.

After their summer tour with Lamb of God was derailed with Randy Blythe’s ongoing legal drama, the band whipped together a quick mini-run of the U.S.. As 2013 begins, Gojira comes back to the States on a more proper headlining tour. With dates running through February 18th, the venues get bigger and the crowds get rowdier for the band. After playing Pontiac back in August, Gojira moves downtown as they take over St. Andrew’s Hall on Sunday, February 10th, with the Devin Townsend Project and The Atlas Moth opening. If you haven’t had the chance to check out one of metal’s consistently great bands of the past 10 years, make sure to get your butt to this show.

Gojira plays at St. Andrew’s Hall on Sunday, February 10th. Tickets are $18 and are available at Additional tour dates and band info can be found at