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GoJane stylish summer sale

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Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.” The lyrics of Philly's own DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ring soundly to me as summer is officially here! Let us pause for applause. No hand claps huh? Sure the summertime temps are sure to rise but the weather is so unpredictable. The importance thing is to be comfortable, have fun, and of course dress for the steamy air. There really is no right or wrong because everyone is different, some opt to wear long maxi dresses all summer, while others love linen pants, shorts, tank tops, collared shirts, whatever your decision it's yours! Now onto the fun stuff, whether you are a “girly-girl” (like me) or just want clothing that's simple but pops with color then these tips are for you. I fell in love with specifically their floral prints!

There's no doubt that floral prints are in, we've seen them last fall and here and there during the winter and spring. But what's great about wearing floral prints during the warmer months is that it just blends well with the season. I personally love flowers and I've been noticing them more often in my travels. Whether you're strolling nearby Rittenhouse Square downtown or taking in the sights in University City you are bound to find bushels and green stems propping up beautiful flowers. From royal blue, hot pink, rosy red, the colors have no limits. So from the garden to your wardrobe floral fashions are in full bloom!

Check out these GoJane floral fashions and more that vary in styles and prices, a smart saving strategy for those who are trying to shop sensibly. The items offer a 25% off markdown, be sure to use the code: GJEXTRA25 for this deal from today until July 2, 2014 at midnight!

Happy summer!

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