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Going up with Orlando band ELEVATORS

live photos of Orlando band ELEVATORS
live photos of Orlando band ELEVATORS
Kat Coffin

With five days still to go, Orlando based band ELEVATORS has already surpassed their $1700 Kickstarter goal. For the band, reaching their goal doesn’t mean stop, it just means adding a stretch goal, $3000, so they can toss in another reward for backers and accomplish more with their EP recording.

Orlando band ELEVATORS
Benny Maus

ELEVATORS have already finished and released the EP’s single, “Only We Would Know” with Adriel Garcia at The Wolves Den studio. With their successful funding, the band plans to complete their debut EP with Garcia at the helm. The band has their single currently available on their Bandcamp profile.

The pop-punk/rock band, family members Ryan (guitar, vocals), Matt (drums) and Niki (guitar, vocals) McIntire along with Andy Wabbe (bass), cite a diverse mix of artists as their musical influences, from the Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Social Distortion, Jimmy Eat World, Rival Schools, Alkaline Trio and Tuesday to The Beatles and The Who.

Although the family members have been playing together for years, it has only been with ELEVATORS that they have taken their music to the next level. “This is the very first time we will be releasing a collection of songs together, and we are thrilled to be able to record what all four of us have created together,” said the band members in a recent email interview. “We are definitely stoked to be recording this EP and to see how we stretch our song writing and creativity together.”

Each of the four band members contribute to the songwriting process. “One of the biggest things that sets our band apart from many other bands is having not only two front singers but the fact that we have both a male AND female vocalist (both who also play guitar),” said the band members. “We also feel that our wide variety of influences and backgrounds allows us to be able to explore many areas in songwriting.”

About their music, the band members said that life experience inspires their music and that a lot of what they write is about going through life together. “There’s no better reward than having people sing along and/or relate to our music through their experiences,” said the band. “We want people to come away from hearing our songs and having a sense of hope, excitement, and adventure. We have a blast writing these songs and playing our music for others. We want our music to leave people feeling inspired. It is such a great feeling to be able to share what we love to do with others.”

Music fans can keep up with the Orlando band on their official site, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.

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