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Going to the exhibition: Discovering Boston's art scene

Some might believe that the only place to view good art is in places like New York City, or while traveling in  the historic museums of Paris or London. And though these places warrant a great deal of contributions to the greater field of art practice, its important to note that every local community has their own art scene that defines the essence of the culture surrounding them. Therefore, when one is interested in experiencing great art it is most often literally right under your nose.

The Boston area has a remarkably notable art scene with artists who can in no way be seen as just local, but are also known and show both nationally and internationally. So I think its important that the city of Boston be revered for it's own qualities, and the insightful exhibitions that make our art community so unique.

Beginning with museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston or even the ICA, Boston are signature pieces to the artistic landscape of the city, but they're certainly not the only places to view art. This city, full and riche of opportunities, has a much more extensive arts community than many realize.

In addition to our art institutions, one can stroll along the infamous Newbury Street and find galleries that exhibit art from Kara Walker to Sol Lewitt, and while taking a trip to the South End of First Fridays one can be exposed to some of most cutting edge nature artists of our region. Yet it is not only in the city that one can find good art, as there are a number of non-profit galleries and alternative spaces that bring shows that aim to enlighten the more residential communities that we live.

In areas slightly further out of the city, one can travel to museums such as the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA and the Danforth Museum in Framingham, MA where the museum programming aims to bring some of the best practicing artists that our region has to offer, as well as exposing us to visiting artists that bring refreshing new takes on art-making.

Yet being one of the greatest centers for educational institutions, the university art galleries in the area also provide a wide range of feedback. In these settings you'll find some of the most provocative art shown, from local, regional, and international artists that you perhaps would never be exposed to in a museum.

And last but not least, any art ethusiasts should also be familiar with local and regional-based art publications such as Art New England, Artscope, Big Red & Shiny, Glimpse Journal, and ArtsEditor who introduce us to new ways to think about the art and artists that make the art of this region so great. Like many other things, there is no place like home, and the best art you've ever seen could truly be right in your backyard.


  • Loretta 5 years ago

    Thanks for highlighting the great art that's in the Boston area.

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