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Going through the change?

From generation to generation
From generation to generation

Beyond Menopause, there have been so many changes since you had a baby twenty, thirty or forty years ago.

Having a baby/grandbaby changes everything.

When I first heard I was going to be a grandparent, I was elated. But before I could savor the news my daughter informed me that if I wanted to babysit EVER, I had to take some courses and learn how to care for an infant.

Really? I had children and did a pretty good job of raising them. What was she talking about? But, I had to acquiesce to her wishes and enrolled in a local hospital’s “How to be a grandparent” course.

Yes, indeed, we’ve come a long way baby, and for better or worse there ARE some things that have changed since WE had children.

Here are just some examples:

1. Mother’s milk – Formula was the BEST thing to feed babies. Today, breast milk is preferred.

2. Housewife – I always hated that. Married to a house? Ugh. But that was what women of our generation were called because we were fortunate enough to stayed home and raise our children. Today, you’re a Stay-at-Home Mother (SAHM), and there are fewer of them than ever. Financial considerations more often than not dictate that many new moms have to return to work .

3. Popular baby names – You couldn’t go anywhere without bumping into a new little Michael or Jennifer. Today, Jacob and Emma are popular, but there’s a whole slew of celebrity-wanna-be names and even more unusual names, like Beyonce’s Blue Ivy (IV) for one.

4. TV Moms – We had Beaver’s Mom, June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) and our children had Marion Cunningham (Happy Days). Today’s moms? Sharon Osbourne, of all people.

5. Gadgets – Remember when you got your first Hi Fi record player? Transistor radio? 4-track then 8 track tape player? Cassette player? The Walkman? Today, technology delivers new gadgets by the millisecond, it seems. Sure, there’s the iPod but now there are also instant downloads from iTunes and Beats Music. Who can keep up?

6. Staying connected – Are you kidding? We wrote letters and made long-distance telephone calls to stay connected. Now? There’s not only email, cell phones and texting, but Skype, FaceTime and more.

7. Friendship – That never really changes. You meet and there’s a connection. We celebrated with pinkie swears and our children shared friendship bracelets. Today, it’s FaceBook.

8. Transporting baby – My mom took home each of her three babies by holding them on her lap in the front seat. NOOOO! Say it isn’t so! Our children were snuggled in their backseat carseats. Same today, but now they are rear-facing and much safer, I’m told.

9. Sleeping babies – We put our kids to sleep on their stomachs. Medical updates declare that putting a baby to sleep on their backs is safer and makes them less likely to suffocate or suffer from SIDS (Sudden Death Infant Syndrome). Amen.

10. Food - From our mother’s kitchens when everything was homemade to ours, including lots of fast foods (Mcdonald’s fries and burgers -- bad, bad, bad) to our children’s – keepers of the low/no sugar, fresh fruits and veggies, and wholesome, healthy foods (peppered, with chicken nuggets, ech.). Okay, I admit it – today’s young parents are much more aware of nutrition than we were and kudos to them for that.

Other changes include no baby-fresh talcum powder, cribs with closer spindles and more, with change comes goodness, and there’s nothing better than grandchildren yummies!

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