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Going the distance to keep warm in winter weather

Global Warming has finally made it to all parts of the U.S. and we are freezing! It reminds me of that movie from a few years ago where the glaciers over took New York and even PETA were wearing fur coats. This has been the coldest winter since 1937 in the South. I know where of I speak because people in my family "remember" 1937 and not all that fondly. It is remembered that it snowed where it never snows; the river froze and didn't thaw out till April. It was C-O-L-D. Guess what, it's cold again. So, what do you do to get warm? Go to a warmer climate; but first you have to find one.

The Caribbean is a great place to warm up when it's cold. You won't have any trouble finding a cruise that fits your purse if that's the way you want to travel. They are available out of the ports on the east coast of Florida at Port Canaveral or out of Tampa. It usually depends on your destination but you are guaranteed sun, sea and warm air.

If you are really adventurous you might choose to go to Tahiti. this island nation can be easily accessed by plane or by boat. You will have to choose the one that gits into your own purse. The ultimate Tahiti cruise is Sept.27-Oct 4 of this year (2014), lasts seven nights, and tours Tahiti and the Society Islands. Prices start below $5,000/person.You can visit the island where Paul Gaugin spent his self imposed exile and created all those amazing paintings of island women and beautiful landscapes. If you prefer to fly to Tahiti from an airport near you, there are 17 hotels for you to choose from. The Intercontinental Resort Tahiti is one of the best hotels on the island and one where you can bask in the sun in a hammock or snorkel/dive in the beautiful water to your heart's content. There are many other hotels available on the islands and you can choose the one that fits your purse.

Aruba is an island country with white sandy beaches. The sunshine makes visitors return all times of the year but especially in the winter when those from colder climes crave sun. There are so many different things to do on the island once you get there. Visit the archaeological museum and learn the origin of the island nation. Learn about the Indian contingent who originally settled the island circa 2500 B.C. There are hands-on exhibits that will allow you to become a "discoverer". Don't forget the water sports, the shopping, casinos, and more that you will find on the island. Check out the hotels and see if this island is the "warm weather" destination for you. Choose from island homes and condos that will allow you to have all of the comforts of your own home or book into a hotel where you will have 24 hour room service, spa services, pools, and more. You also have all inclusive resorts on the island to choose from.

Are you a volcano junkie? There are several island get-a-ways that will get you your volcano fix. St. Lucia in the Virgin Islands offers Sulphur Springs Park where you can sink your body into the sulphur springs (smelling like rotten eggs) to tone up your body or have a mud bath (or both)of this dormant volcano which last errupted in 1766.

Boiling Lake in Dominica looks like a giant cauldron. It takes about a 3 hour hike to reach this destination. Dont plan on getting in the water; your guide can boil an egg without even lighting a fire. It's interesting to view the cracks in the earth where the gases are escaping or watch the bubbling waters.

Martinique is famous for Mount Pele'e. It is dormant at this time but this volcano is always monitored because no one knows when it will pop off. In 1902 Pele destroyed the island and killed over 25,000 people. It was one of the worst volcanic erruptions ever.

Don't feel you have to suffer in the cold weather. You can find an island escape that is just right for you. There are many islands close to the U.S. mainland. Consider the Bahamas, Belize, Puerto Rico, Jamaica. There is certain to be a place that is perfect for your mid winter get-a-way.

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