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Going Solo: To the movies

Don't make being single such a boring thing. Don't be afraid to do things on your own, like going to the movies.
Don't make being single such a boring thing. Don't be afraid to do things on your own, like going to the movies.
Kristina Brandt

Being single has its advantages. Ideally, you can do what you want, when you want. But what if no one wants to come with you? Too often singles hold back from doing certain things because they fear doing them all on their own. While it is always prudent to be aware of your surroundings for safety reasons, there is no rule that says you have to miss out on all the fun just because you're going solo. Throughout this series, we will go over different activities that singles tend to avoid and what actually happens when you take that leap and go.

To the Movies!

Is there a movie playing right now that you'd really like to see, but no one else wants to? Or maybe no one is available to go when you are. Either way, there's no need for you to avoid seeing it altogether. Contrary to what you may believe, no one really cares if you show up at the movie theater by yourself. (Writer's Note: I worked for movie theaters for over nine years. Trust me on this one.)

The Fear

What tends to keep most singles away from the movie theater is the belief that you have to go with at least one other person or face ridicule. The staff will judge you, people in your theater will stare, or people in general will just feel bad for you.

Why it's Unfounded

As mentioned before, there's no reason why you can't go see a movie by yourself. The staff are too busy, even on a slow day, doing their jobs to really wonder why you're there all by your lonesome. The moment you leave the counter, they're ready to help the next person and haven't given a second thought as to your solo status. The other movie theater patrons? Who cares? The moment the movie starts the lights will go out anyway and everyone will be paying attention to what's on the screen. Not you. And as for people feeling bad for you, chances are there may be a mild curiosity that you're there by yourself followed by everyone going back to their conversations. You can't go through life wondering what other people think of you. Especially when you will never see these people again.

Best Times to Go

If you're still uncomfortable about being seen going to the movies by yourself, then it's best to get some practice on a weeknight. Even during the summer, weeknights are less crowded than weekends. You can also check for any discounts your local theater may provide on certain days. Some companies offer discounts to seniors, students, or everyone in general on weekdays as an effort to bring more people into the building on slower days. Take advantage of this. If weekends are the only time you're available, go earlier in the day. Crowds are still smaller and the ticket price is less expensive the earlier you go. Granted, if it rains expect the theater to be crowded no matter what. With less people around, you can get your feet wet and gradually become more comfortable going to the movies by yourself.

Why You Should Do It

Going to the movies solo is a simple and fun activity to get you used to doing things on your own. With everyone's attention on getting their seats, their food, and the movie itself, you're not going to draw a whole lot of notice. This also allows you to see any movie you want. Interested in seeing the Disney movie that none of your friends will admit they're interested in? Go for it. Want to see a particular documentary? Do it. When you're doing things on your own, you make the call. You decide what, when and where. As a result, you become more confident about being on your own. No need to wait for a guy to come along to take you out. Take yourself out. And maybe grab some ice cream on the way out.

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