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Adventure + Vintage = Advintage

Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace - Indianapolis, IN
Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace - Indianapolis, IN
Compliments of Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace - Indianapolis, IN ---- please see photography credit, FX Media Aaron Lingenfelter

I generally write about experiences that have already passed -- PAST TENSE. This article is geared toward the future. I have realized that I often visit events, write about them, and the event is over by the time my article is out and ready for the press. I feel like my readers might actually be missing out on all of the fun.

So, I want to give everyone a heads up on some events that are coming up in the next few weeks and months. I always try to find events that are somewhat spread out throughout the Midwest. I enjoy taking road trips to Southern Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Chicago -- perhaps the only place I am missing out on is Ohio... Is there anything going on in Ohio? Hopefully someone will give me a response on that question, because I honestly have no idea (insert snarky face).

Anyways, I will just break it down, by location, north to south, regardless of the chronology.

I have two events to offer up for Wisconsin. First there is the Craft-apple-ar on August 25th at Lapacek’s Orchard in Poynette, Wisconsin. All I need to say about that is – Crafts – Vintage – Antiques – Apples! There is also the 10th Holiday Craftacular on November 29th at the Madison Masonic Center. The unique thing about Craftacular is that the vendors create amazing arts and crafts from vintage and recycled items. The event, which is run through Vintage Flea and Finds Market, only accepts purely vintage or antique items that have been upcycled, recycled, and tweaked.

Moving a little south to Chicago, I have three events to share with everyone. First and foremost is Beehive Chicago Vintage Collective. Beehive is great because it is open every Saturday from 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM (all other days by appointment). So there is never a weekend where you will miss out!

The second event in Chicago is Vintage Garage Chicago, which is coming up on August 17th. The idea behind Vintage Garage Chicago is a fun one; essentially a parking garage is filled up with artwork by little-known, unknown, and still to be known local and regional artists. There is also a large supply of great vintage items that provide for affordable, unique, and attractive accents for the home and office.

Last but not least is the Randolph Street Market, which happens to be on August 30th and August 31st from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This event is a little bit more exclusive than its predecessors mentioned above, and I say this because it requires tickets. However, the Market has so much to offer – 250 Vintage, Antique, and Indie Designer Vendors as well as “fancy,” global foods.

Moving even further south to the Region aka. Northwest Indiana I have one great event to share with my readers… BEATLES FEST 2014. Beatles Fest is probably one of the coolest attractions in NWI. It takes place at the corner of Hohman Avenue and Fayette in downtown Hammond, Indiana on August 9th. Talk about a true throwback experience... There are multiple Beatles tribute bands that look and dress the part (accent and all).

Aside from the Beatles concert, there are food and beverage (alcoholic) vendors, as well as other vendors such as Paul Henry's Art Gallery (the topic of my last article). Notably, Paul Henry's Art Gallery is raffling off a Beatles painting done by local artist, Kathy Rangel. The painting has a Warhol theme and is titled "Beatles' Fest." The catch is -- You MUST purchase a Beatles Fest ticket to participate in the raffle. I have to be a little cheesy and add a one-liner here – Come Together – and enjoy the Fest!!!

My last stop is in Indianapolis at the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace. The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is a monthly event. There is a showing on September 1st in the popular and attractive Broad Ripple neighborhood at WARMfest; and there is also another showing on October 4th at the Glendale Town Centre. The Vintage Marketplace has one goal on its website that I must share – “The goal of the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is to enhance the experience of living as a more responsible consumer by promoting the positive aspects and downright fun of vintage, antique, locally sourced, re & upcycled goods.”

Now that it's all out there, everyone can start trekking to see what the vintage lifestyle is all about.

For more information on any of the above listed events, please visit the sites below:!apply/c1f5z

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