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Going on a Cruise? – Helpful Hints for Seniors

If you would like a long, leisurely vacation, going on a cruise liner and seeing the beautiful shores of distant lands might be exactly what you need. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when trying to find a cruise ship or destination that will fit your needs and wants, at prices that won’t leave your wallet hurting for weeks to come.

The travel sites talked about in this article will assist you in finding a cruise that suits your physical needs, such as limited mobility, as well as what you would like to experience on your trip. Whether you plan on escaping by yourself, with one other person or a group, there are things you can do to reduce the cost and sufficiently plan ahead.

Traveling Solo

Going on a cruise as a couple or a group is cheaper than traveling alone, but don’t let that stop you if you plan on going by yourself. Look for cruises that offer specials for single travelers, like Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic. They saw the problem that solo travelers can have, and started offering studio cabins that accommodate only one person and require no “single supplement” charge. These single cabins are very small, but still have the great features as group cabins.

Senior Discounts and Other Discounts

Cruise lines aren’t always eager to advertise their discounts for those 55 and older, so you will need to do a littler research and price comparisons. Travel search engines like Travel Zoo, Vacations To Go and Priceline make it much easier to track down information and prices on all the best and less-well-know cruise lines.

Planning for departure far ahead of time also helps to bring down the price, but cruise lines will often drastically lower rates as departure dates draw near, so they can fill as many cabins as possible. Vacations To Go makes it easier by allowing you to sign up for alerts on last minute deals. If you can do last minute planning and get a huge discount opportunity for a cruise you’d love to go on, take it!

Budgeting and Saving

When you find out what the price will be with as many discounts as you can get, make sure have what you need and about double that. Keep some cash on you when you are on board, but most of your money should be divided up between two different bank accounts, just in case you lose a bank card to one account, you will still have the other. You should also keep one card locked away in your cabin, while the other is on you. If you have checks, keep those locked away in your cabin, as well.

You will need cash on board to do your laundry, playing games and for tips. Your card or should only be used for eating and buying the occasional souvenir.

Medical Planning

Look into purchasing travelers insurance, since your health insurance might not extend to other countries. You should also plan on bringing more medications than you will need for the duration of the cruise, just in case. Keep your medications locked away along with your extra bank card or cash.

Special Health Needs

Make sure your cabin and the decks have ramps or other accommodations for people in wheel chairs or those with limited mobility. If the cruise line doesn’t specify, don’t hesitate to ask. If you will need to use oxygen therapy on your cruise, you will need to bring your own equipment, as a cruise line will only provide oxygen in emergency cases. Notify the cruise line before you book, just in case they need to make any accommodations. Be sure to bring enough oxygen to last you your trip, or look into purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator.

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