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Going Natural..... Transitioning Hair

The Transitioning Stage from Relaxers to All Natural

Aisha the Cosmetologist

When you’re fully ready to come out of your relaxer and wear your own natural curl pattern, then you’re going through what is called, “The Transitioning Stage”.

When going through the Transitioning Stage, it’s best to do the following1. Keep hair oiled or moisturized

2. The Big Chop or Substitute your hairstyle

The Big Chop is when you cut all of your relaxed hair completely off down to the new growth area. In order to do this, you must have at least 1 to 2 inches of new growth. If you prefer not to do the Big Chop, then it’s best that you Substitute your hairstyle. Hair can be substituted with a style such as a press, flat iron, sew in, quick weave, up-do, tight roller set, rods, or braids. Everyone hair texture is different, so according to your natural hair pattern, you or your hairstylist must choose which substitute hairstyle works best for you.

Transitioning can be hard to commit to especially if you’re not use to your own curl pattern or just not ready to fully wear it. To make this stage easier, light oils, light greases, moisturizers, or hair butters would be best to use. Once hair has gone completely natural, it’s best to use a non sulfate shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and hair butter.

There are many different Natural hair products. Some Natural hair product lines that I recommend are

1. DNA, I was born this way
2. Carol’s Daughter
3. Avlon KeraCare Natural Textures
4. Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale

The above information was given to me by a friend and personal hairstylist of mine Aisha The Cosmetologist of Gladys and the Clips, Milwaukee WI. Need some advice or have questions of your own for Aisha? Email

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