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Going from broke to overflowing

There are many life lessons that people can learn concerning money from not having a lot of it. Spiritual people will tell you that when you are broke or broken, you can bounce back into a repaired and prospering state. With that, here are six ways you can go from having less money to having more.

Change your mind

The first step to having more money is to change the way you view money. You do not want to spend your life chasing it or worshiping it. Instead, view money as your servant that helps you serve others while serving yourself.

Change how you spend

When you spend money, know what you want to spend it on. Never go to a store just to spend money if you do not know what you want to buy. This opens the door for your money to be wasted.

Save with small goals

Save your money to accomplish small goals. This will help you get into the habit of saving money and not depending on credit.

Extra bank account for big goals

Have an extra savings account set aside for bigger goals. Even if you only put $20 into the account each month, you will always have $240 to spend in December. Eventually, because you started saving $20 a month, it will become easier to save larger amounts later in life.

Be frugal when clothe shopping

Shop at discount stores where you can buy name brand clothing for cheaper prices. This way you can stay in style without having to compromise your spending limit.


Last but not the least, be a giver. This way, you will feel good about be a blessing to somebody.

Also, what you give will come back to you. Therefore, if you are a giver, you will never be a loser.

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