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Going far and further: the rise of Relly Jade

One of the primary definitions of the word rise is to move upward or move to a higher level. When I think back to a casual yet engaging conversation at a local Applebee's with a young, energetic, and engaging personality about 4 or so years ago, she noted she is an aspiring artist with some goals of making an impact in music. I recall telling her to go as far as she can go with it, truly not knowing how far that would be.

In September, she is scheduled as one of the acts for the Left Eye Music Festival, so check her out.
Used with the permission of Relly Jade
Local artist Relly Jade is a growing presence in the Atlanta hip-hop scene.  In addition to working on her full album release, you can catch her at some of Atlanta's top music spots.  Check her out!
Used with the permission of Relly Jade

Fast forwarding to May 19th; I'm able to pick up where we left off with the conversation. In that time, the Atlanta based hip-hop artist Relly Jade is making a growing impact on the local music scene. Combined with an incredible work ethic and dedication to her craft, she's on the cusp of making the bigger impact she envisioned not so long ago.

With early music influences grounded in 90's hip-hop and r and b artists such as (but not limited to) Avant, R Kelly, and Missy Elliott, she recalls her early foray into the music business is a little different, as she is part of a hip-hop dance troupe. After multiple auditions which did not go exactly as planned, she goes in another direction, and the results have been more than positive.

"I started doing a lot more party promotions and other related work, and did some writing on the side just for fun and stay connected with my love for music", she notes. Through her work as a promoter, she is able to meet and interact with multiple producers and other artists. As a result, she is able to get her first taste of recording.

"I just recall feeling a little of everything: excitement, a little nervous, but just ready to take in the moment", she reflects.

That moment leads to more moments through the way of multiple single releases and other promotional related work. As a result, this summer, Jade is about to rise even further.

Her forthcoming project entitled "Love Goat" is her most ambitious work to date, as it is a full-length (feature) album complete with an energy and style that truly is unique, creative, and complete with her trademark cutting edge sounds, intensity, and delivery. In advance of the album release date of July 21st (her birthday), she's doing some fine tuning and a few finishing touches on the album, including the planning for her official album listening and release party on July 19th.

But that's not all.

Her presence is clearly on the ascent, as she serves as the host at Cloud IX on Saturdays (her next schedule appearance is this Saturday, May 24th) and Spin on Thursdays. She has upcoming performances at The Apache Club (May 31st), The Basement (near Flat Shoals on June 7th), and during the fall, she is a scheduled act for the Left Eye Music Festival (named after the former TLC member) this coming September.

With the growing industry recognition and upcoming shows, how does she keep her music journey in perspective?

"One of the main things I've learned is you have to learn to be patient; you also have to be open to learning because you don't know everything. Likewise, if you're not doing something you love, what are you doing it for?" she adds and asks.

With music and business acumen beyond her years, Relly Jade is clearly making some moves within the music industry. And with multiple ways to keep track of her growing presence (on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Soundcloud), hip-hop fans can check up on the work she is doing and the work she has yet to do.

Clearly, she is going as far as she can, and is focused on going even further; time to catch an artist who is clearly on the rise.

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