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Going down - Erica' plane crashes

There were a few moments on the Friday, May 21st episode that made a long time viewer want to cheer. Jackson Montgomery (Walt Wiley) and Opal Cortlandt (Jill Larson) finally told Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) what she has needed to hear for years, and it seems that this time she may have heard what they were trying to tell her. The only problem is, Erica's plane home to Pine Valley has been sabotaged by a former "friend" of Palmer Cortlandt's (James Mitchell) due to a payoff by none other than the dastardly former doctor David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry). Will Erica have an opportunity to fix her mistakes, or will she die in the plane wreck

Well, we all know Susan Lucci is the grand diva of daytime t.v., so Erica won't die. She may be in a coma for weeks, she may not even know who she is when she wakes up. However, in time maybe she will have a chance to finally grow up and act like a responsible woman.

In New York on a delicious rendevouz with ex-husband Jackson, Erica read an e-mail from his daughter, Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) while Jack was taking a quick shower. Erica interpreted Greenlee's message to mean that Jackson had deliberately whisked Erica out of town so that Greenlee could wrest Fusion away from Erica's hold. The two women have been in a fierce competition to win the reins of the company since Greenlee's return from the dead a few months ago. After a sexy romp in the hotel, Erica pounced on the unsuspecting Jack with her seething accusations. Although Jack denied  keeping Erica out of town deliberately (Greenlee had asked him to do it), he finally let his beautiful ex have it. He explained that Greenlee needed to win Fusion, that after the loss of a year of her life, the disconnect between her and fiance Ryan Lavery (Cameron Mathison) she needed to have the company to keep some little piece of the girl that she was. "What do you need the company for?" Jackson railed at Erica. "You could go out and buy any company you want. You could create any business that you want." And for a parting shot in the discussion, Jack threw in that Greenlee is so lost that she has aligned herself with the devil incarnate, David Hayward.

Erica stormed out in true Kane fashion and returned to Fusion to announce to Greenlee that her plan to keep Erica out of town had failed. There were heated words (no hair pulling this time), and Erica flounced out in her over the top orange one shoulder strap sheath. She then retreated to a local bar where she called gal-pal Opal and told her that she would be leaving for Pigeon Hollow on Palmer's request. Opal reiterated Jackson's words about Erica's foolhardy insistence on taking over Fusion. Although Opal has tried to warn Erica before about looking at what is really important in life, reuniting with her soul-mate, this time Opal took command of the conversation and told Erica off. It was surprising that Erica did not hang up on Opal to be truthful. Instead she revealed to Opal that Jackson had tried to tell her the same thing, that Fusion is not all that important in Erica's life. There are other things out there which could be her destiny. The conversation with Opal was incredibly powerful and obviously had a strong impact on Erica.

Upon disconnecting with Opal, Jackson joined Erica in the bar where she apologized for her reaction to Greenlee's e-mail. The couple shared a tender moment and Jack forgave Erica her tantrum. These two know each other so very well. With that Erica took off for West Virginia where her fate is now in the hands of the writers.


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