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Going Crazy-A sanity free zone

You’ve heard the term meta-movie, that is a movie about making a movie. Well director Chris Esper and writer Rich Camp have a meta-web series. They may not have thought about it, but they’ve done it.

A Guy Going Crazy
A Guy Going Crazy

Actually, think of it as an addendum to film school (or web series school. Hey, that’s a business model to explore), that is the class where they covered how not to do it.

Rich plays Felix in “A Guy Going Crazy” and true to the plotline, he is going crazy. Now, insanity generally has a cause and barring parents who bounced one’s head on the floor in infancy, It could be due to life’s circumstances.

This appears to be the case in Felix’ life. Life is going swimmingly. His agent buddy is going to help him get to Hollywood after a movie is done. When his pal moves up, he dumps Felix and the dream of moving on is dead.

As we get to know the protagonist’s other friends with whom he is making the movie, it is obvious why he wants to move away. They are quite the dysfunctional aggregation.

Then there’s mom, not to mention dad. Mom is a little passive aggressive and dad’s choice of mentor for the kid is bad parenting in action.

His dinner with Beth is a battleground.

Let’s not just blame the people he knows for his troubles, as often the blame should be leveled at our own selves. So if you are going to make a web series, here are a couple of rules to follow.

The Guy Going Crazy web series lessons:

1. Choose well adjusted parents and significant others.

2. Choose actors who approach within hailing distance of responsible behavior.

Take care of those rules and your web series should be a piece of cake.

A Guy Going Crazy is fun and you can learn more about it at facebook and at the website,


Ta Da, the trailer is, as I type, being released.

You can watch it embedded on this page.

Keep in mind this is only the for the first season.

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