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Going clear on St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. This annual feast is all about the green - wearing green (if not you'll get pinched), green shamrocks, green parades and green beer.

But now in these eco-conscious times, St. Patrick's Day is a great time to think about green in another way -  going green for the environment. Or maybe this year instead of going green you can go clear. 

Let me explain.  Did you know that an estimated 1.1 BILLION people worldwide have NO access to clean drinking water?  Did you also realize that millions of children die each year from diseases due to unsafe drinking water in the developing world. Since all living creatures need water to survive these are scary statistics!

To battle this crisis head on P&G has partnered with a diverse network of organizations to create the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program.  P&G developed the PUR packet.  A PUR packet is a packet of powder that makes potentially deadly water drinkable.  Click here to see how this incredible product works.

According to their website, "Since 2004, P&G, the PUR brand and our partners have proudly shared over 1.6 billion liters of clean water with people in need. And now we have an even more ambitious goal: to share more than four billion liters by the year 2012."

You can help support the Children's Safe Drinking Water program.

1 packet = 10 cents  1 packet = 10 liters of clean water

You can make a big different with a small donation:

  • $1.00 gives a child clean water for 50 days
  • $7.50 gives a child clean water for one year
  • $30.00 give a family clean water for a year

Consider going clear this St. Patrick's Day.  Secure donation can be made on-line via PayPal to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. All donations will be used to give people in need clean water. Such a small donation can make a huge impact. 


  • jj 5 years ago

    This is great news P&G is able to make bad water safe to drink, especially to help youngsters. And, thanks, Michele, for making us aware of a good way to go "green" to help our environment with a green St. Patrick's Day theme. A donation to this cause not only helps water become clear and drinkable again but quinches thirst and saves lives....Very good article......

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