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Going beyond the ordinary barbeque grill

The Big Green Egg is a versatile smoker grill that produces delicious dinners for the whole family.
The Big Green Egg is a versatile smoker grill that produces delicious dinners for the whole family.
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After spring cleaning the BBQ you may have noticed rust build up or broken parts. Maybe you remembered how frustrated you were by the size of the grill last season.

It could be that it’s time for a new one. Or maybe just time for an addition to an already stellar grill – something to indulge your love of all things BBQ.

The age of outdoor living is thriving and there are so many things available now to “beef” up your BBQ experience. Push the limits of the traditional barbeque grill with these clever add-ons and innovative styles.

A fully functioning outdoor kitchen is a grill lover’s dream come true. Complete with sinks and prep areas, fridges, warmers and of course top notch BBQs, these designs have it all for the patio gourmet. has a wide range of built-ins from all of the top manufacturers. Take a look at a Fire Magic grill for the cream of the crop. These shiny, powerful grills have a complete stainless steel construction for durability.

The Fire Magic Aurora built-in grill is supreme with varying sizes to match your family’s needs. Add side burners, rotisseries and even drawers and fridges that match the grill perfectly. An entire outdoor kitchen can be created and you may never want to cook inside again.

For a more traditional and unforgettable taste experience, install a smoker in your backyard. What could be better than the deep flavour of smoked meat from your own home, proudly created with your tastes in mind?

Smoker grills opt for a longer, slower cooking method using low temperatures and wood or charcoal fuel. The flavour of beef, poultry, fish or pork is unmatched, but don’t forget to try salmon and ribs on the smoker grill as well. The Big Green Egg at Outdora is charming, but more than up to the task of smoker grilling all season long on your patio.

With enameled ceramic parts and a clever design, the Big Green Egg will deliver a slow cooking environment with a consistent temperature. Extra prep space is offered on side tables and the Big Green Egg comes in a few different sizes.

Whether replacing your grill or just adding an additional barbeque experience, shake up the coming summer with these backyard ideas. Dinner will never taste the same.


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