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Going beyond cruelty; a shocking incident, a wake up call?

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Sometimes geographical distance or location doesn't matter.

Los Angeles animal rescue groups were in a state of disbelief; for animal rescue groups around the country, it was a tough one to swallow.

The story posted on Facebook about a person or persons responsible for intentional and malicious destruction of makeshift cat shelters in Elkhart County, Indiana, was deeply saddening, and troublesome for many, especially cat lovers.

On Monday, March 3rd, an appeal for help in the form of donations from and for the Elkart County Feral Cat Coalition (ECFCC) was highlighted in FB and widely shared across and among the animal rescue community.

Apparently, someone or a group of individuals had taken it upon themselves to vandalize and destroy 10 shelters which had been set up in the cold and snow for homeless cats in this northern Indiana county.

If that weren't enough, nine containers of rat poison had been placed on the ground with dry food sprinkled on top in order to sicken and/or kill the animals.

Police had been contacted to investigate the incident and hopefully apprehend the individuals responsible, it isn't known yet whether or not they were successful.

Elkart county has a large number of feral cats, estimated to be about 13,000. The value of the destroyed shelters was placed at about $300. Within the county are the cities of Elkart, Goshen, and Nappanee.

Assistance in the form of donations have been received, but as is usual in the animal rescue community, there is a never-ending need for assistance in the form of not only monetary support, but in other areas as well, such as volunteer assistance on site, as well as persons willing to provide temporary and/or long-term foster care as part of the socializing and (if possible) adoption process.

ECFCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the humane control of the cat overpopulation problem in Elkhart county. Reduction of the pet ongoing overpopulation dilemma has always been suggested by the practice of spaying and neutering; sadly this relatively simple solution has all too often been ignored or just not deemed that important, hence the critical shortage of space in shelters across the country resulting in a daily never-ending of tragic scenarios for homeless pets.

ECFCC is always in need of help in the form of donations and volunteers, especially in the light of this recent incident. For further info.:

P.O. Box 2196
Elkhart, IN 46515, or:

574-214-7125, or: