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Going a little too far

Brad Loper
Brad Loper
Willford Patrick

We have all been guilty at one time or another of having a position about a topic or situation, and maybe carrying our feelings too far. Clearly that is the case for some of the folks belonging to the Open Carry Texas (OCT) group located in Tarrant County, Texas. The group recently took to the streets to gather support in their effort to be allowed to carry arms not just in public. But into restaurants, stores, and any public facility that they may venture into. After a couple of big chain restaurants refused to serve members of OCT, the group cried foul and said that their constitutional rights had been violated.

The NRA has since weighed in cautioning the OCT, calling some of the members weird and scary. Being a native of that area of Texas, with family and friends there, this is particularly unsettling for me. Texas is one of several states that allows citizens to carry arms in public, but there obviously has to be limits to where people with weapons can congregate. Competitive marksman events and hunting excursions are perfect venues for anyone with weapons to flex their muscles, not Wendy`s.