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GoG gives ‘Dungeon Keeper’ free for Valentine’s Day

From February 14 until February 16,, also known as Good Old Games, is giving away free copies of the classic game “Dungeon Keeper”. This is a Valentine’s Day special where GoG wants to ‘share the love’, according to the current homepage.

"Let's Share the Love" is also offering Dungeon Keeper 2 for only $1.49 instead of the normal $5 to go along with the free offer on the first game.

Both games have been ported and updated to properly support Windows 7 and Windows 8.

These games are one of the few to allow you to play as an out and out villain, with your entire character persona being that of an evil dungeon master that builds up a home for nasty monsters to move into. You then punish with slaps of your omnipresent float hand, force these monsters to train, feed them, allow them to rest and throw them into battle against heroic knights that come to destroy your home.

Because Valentine’s Day is all about sharing it with someone you love, GoG is offering a 90% off special on 30 different multiplayer games, including “System Shock 2”, “Trine 2”, “Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition”, “Capsized’ and many more. Spend the holiday weekend with someone you love, and beat them at video games.

Dozens of other popular, classic games, including “Neverwinter Nights”, “Neverwinter Nights 2”, “Planescape”, “Icewind Dale” and more are being offered at a deep 80% off discount for this weekend - otherwise unrelated to the Valentine’s Day sale.

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