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Outdoor adventures at Camp Loma Mar
Outdoor adventures at Camp Loma Mar
Carol Herbst

Looking for a last minute tax write off? Keep reading for a win-win solution to your dilemma. Thinking back on your childhood memories, would you say 'camping' is among your favorite experiences? That is true for a large number of elementary students around the Bay Area in California. 5th grade students attending El Monte Elementary in Concord, California, are hoping to have 100% attendance at the annual outdoor education camp being held May 19th - 23rd at Camp Loma Mar, in Pescadero. Many schools in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District have made this an annual tradition for their 5th graders.

The outdoor program offers four nights/five days of intensive learning about science, math, history, art, music, and geography. Educational experiences outside of the regular classroom are just as valuable as the traditional classroom experiences. They help develop the love of nature, and instill an appreciation for our environment. As educators and parents, it is important to nurture and foster students' education by helping our community build productive, independent, well-rounded and positive citizens for a brighter future for all.

El Monte teachers and camp staff believe that every child who wishes to attend camp should be allowed to participate in this opportunity of a lifetime. El Monte has held fundraisers all year long in preparation for the cost of camp. Although fundraising efforts have been strong, there is still a need for donations to cover the remaining balance. The cost of camp is $340 per student. The fee includes transportation, staff support, meals, and lodging. Schools simply do not have money to contribute to the cause. Even though the total cost of camp is approximately $20,000, a goal of $8,500 in donations has been set to lessen the cost.

The El Monte population is diverse and represents many countries throughout the world. The cost of $270 for each of these wonderful students is not easy for many of the families. Approximately 65% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch because they are economically disadvantaged. Most of the children come from hard-working families whose parents are facing financial challenges during these tough economic times. Your donations will make this year's important outdoor education at Camp Loma Mar happen. Unsurprisingly, many of the students have never had the opportunity to travel, take mini-vacations, visit a museum or even experience visiting nearby urban cities. Please help to change this!

To make a donation, click on the link for GoFundMe. Thank you to John Cunningham, parent Sammy Dunlap's uncle, for creating this website to aide in fundraising efforts for camp. Donations of any amount would be appreciated by students, staff, and parents. Thank you in advance for caring enough to respond. You will be contributing to a lifetime of fond memories, and make some students very very happy.