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GoettaFest in Newport

James Partin

If you are looking for a Family fun event to go to this weekend, then the place for you is Newport, Kentucky for the annual celebration of GoettaFest. This is a summer festival that centers around all things Goetta. Goetta is a delicious sausage is made from whole-grain oats, onions, spices blended with tasty mix of beef and pork. The popularity of this breakfast sausage in Greater Cincinnati started prior to 1900s when there was migration of individuals of northern German heritage that settled here.

The Glier’s GoettaFest in Newport has over 30 selections of fine Goetta creations ranging from goetta pizza, sliders, burritos, and taco salads. The festival has a large dining tent that is shaded and cooled for everyone comfort. The event will also have goetta themed games, rides, as well as live entertainment and music throughout the event. The event is free to the public and has convenient parking available at Newport on the Levee or in near walking distance. Proceeds from the goetta rides benefit charitable organizations such as Welcome House in Covington.

Glier’s GoettaFest in Newport will run from noon on Saturday until 11pm and Sunday the festival will run from noon until 9 pm. More information on the event is attainable online at: This event will not disappoint whether looking for food, drink for entertainment.

Another similar event in Greater Cincinnati event held each year is is the “Original GoettaFest” held in MainStrauss Village in Covington Ky. that event has crafts, ethic dance, and music that event is usually in June. The MainStrauss Villiage is a good for this type of venue because of it's historical and old world charm.