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'Godzilla' trailer launched with Super-sized monster

Last summer's movie sensation has reappeared and grown to gargantuan proportions, according to The Mercury News. com, Feb. 25, 2014. When the trailer to the new Godzilla was released this morning, the super-sized proportions of the monster became its most obvious trait to all observers.

The movie will have a mid-spring release in early May 2014. Unlike the 1998 revised version of Godzilla in which the giant monster towered above skyscrapers, the 2014 version will feature a ferocious monster that will tower hundreds of feet above entire cities.

The new Godzilla will feature Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen. Cranston is a three time Oscar winner for "Outstanding actor in a drama series." He also won an Oscar for "Outstanding drama series." He also is a three time nominee for "Outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for his acting in Malcolm in the Middle and three episodes of Breaking Bad. For his superb acting in Breaking Bad, Cranston won five Golden Globe nominations and nine Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

Elizabeth Olsen's acting credentials are equally impressive. Her acting career, which began when she was four, included roles in Silent House. She also had a role in the film Liberal Arts, as well as How the West was Fun (childhood portrayal) and The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley.

This coming spring promises to be exciting and intriguing for all devoted movie enthusiasts, including children, adults and retired monster movie actors. Enjoy!

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