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'Godzilla' Sequel in the Works After Monster Debut

Godzilla opened huge at the box office this weekend
Godzilla opened huge at the box office this weekend
Warner Bros.

Now that the totals are in and Godzilla is a confirmed smash with $93M domestic, plus another $103M overseas, it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are thinking sequel. What's surprising is that they're moving on it so soon with Deadline reporting a follow-up is already in development.

Gareth Edwards' film only ran about $160M so both studios will be in the black on this one and then some, with the international market likely to power it for the long haul. One question is whether Edwards would return to direct it, or if he'll step aside and move on to other projects. Godzilla was his first big gig after the low-budget creature flick, Monsters, and he's going to be a hot commodity now. He can probably write his ticket to any project he wants. It's possible he slips into a producer capacity as he did with Monsters: Dark Continent. Edwards has talked in the past about employing a similar slow burn approach if he does another Godzilla film, and with this one performing so well there's little need to change the formula. Another question is how this will shake out on the distribution end as Legendary split off from Warner Bros. and joined Universal.

So there you have it. More Godzilla is on the way. Good news or bad news?