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Godzilla Retrospective: A monster's life in video games

This is the box art for GMOM.
Toho, Nintendo

To coincide with the release of the new Godzilla movie, this writer delved into the King of Monsters’ video game collection. It turns out the mighty behemoth hasn’t had a stellar run. He does, however, have a lucrative legacy. Here are five of the weirdest titles.

Godzilla: Monster of Monsters (NES – 1988) This was the first console Godzilla game. It’s sort of like a strategy game where players move Godzilla and Mothra across the board as other monsters oppose them. Between moves the monsters delve into a side-scroller brawler vs satellites and rocks. It’s as exciting as it sounds. Encountering enemy monsters activates a terrible fighting game. Altogether it’s not great.

Godzilla-Kun: (Game Boy – 1990) The title screen is literally the best part of Godzilla-Kun. What’s not to love about a chibi Godzilla in a leather jacket? The game itself is a puzzler. Monsters chase Godzilla down mazes as players try to smash rocks in order to move on. Yes. Rocks. Why are these first two games so obsessed with rocks?

Godzilla: War of the Monsters (NES – 1991) Imagine Fire Emblem’s strategy mechanics merged with Shadow of the Colossus’ concept and that’s what this game is. Through six scenarios, the Japanese Army will face off against Godzilla and other monsters using jets and tanks to take the behemoths down. It’s a great idea that’s a bit too bland and confusing. For instance, why do slot rolls with hearts, skulls, and other jibber jabber construe attacks? Makes no sense.

Godzilla: Domination (GBA – 2002) Domination is the best game on the list. From the amazing pixel developers, WayForward Technologies, this is essentially a Smash Brothers clone. Choose a set of monsters, a stage, and then go to town solo, or with some buddies. What’s not to love about great sound, amazing art, and smashing monsters along with a city? It’s dumb fun, if not a bit repetitive and shallow.

Godzilla Unleashed: Double Smash (DS – 2007) This is the last Godzilla game to have come out and that was seven years ago! Players choose two monsters to side-scroll through a city, facing off against military weapons in-between boss battles. It’s terribly boring and for the last game on the list, well, it may be the worst. Thanks for killing off Godzilla video games Atari.

For a video of the five games discussed above, check out ReActionExaminer.

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