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'Godzilla' is hot at the box office

"Godzilla" captivated the minds and hearts of movie goers worldwide on its opening weekend. This action movie opened to a fantastic $93.2 Million in North America reported The Hollywood Reporter on May 17, 2014. Overseas the film took in $103 million for a global total of $196.2 million.

The fantastic 'Godzilla'
The fantastic 'Godzilla'

"Godzilla" has launched a Hollywood studio franchise which is headlined by the giant lizard. Legendary Pictures has spearheaded the new "Godzilla." Legendary financed 75 percent of the movie with Warner Bros. investing the rest of the money. "Godzilla" had such a powerful showing on Friday in North America that many box-office observers think it could come near $98 million for the weekend. The debut of the movie has far exceeded all expectations.

Males made up 58 percent of the viewing audiences with younger males in particular watching the movie. About 40 percent of the ticket buyers were under 18. "Godzilla" had the second best opening so far this year after "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" at $95 million. "Godzilla" also beat out "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opening two weeks ago at $91.6 million.

"Godzilla" has actually smashed its way to the very top of the box office reports ABC News. The story maintains a similar theme as the Japanese "Godzilla" movies made by Japan's Toho studio. The legend of the 1954 Japanese original, Ishiro Honda's "Gojira," is continued. Reviews of "Godzilla" were overall very positive. Review aggregator gave it a "fresh" rating with 72 percent of film critics giving a positive rating. This movie looks like something really exciting to take the kids to see.