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'Godzilla' footage and other details revealed at the 2014 WonderCon

According to MTV on Saturday, at the 2014 WonderCon event at the Anaheim Convention Center, fans waited in anticipation for the Warner Brothers informational presentation of "Godzilla" which stars Bryan Cranston. Features at said event also included content from Tom Cruise's "Edge of Tomorrow" and Richard Armitage's "Into The Storm".

Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ford Brody in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' sci-fi action adventure 'Godzilla' a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Brothers Entertainment Inc. and Legendary Pictures Productions LLC, used with permission

Director Gareth Edwards insisted repeatedly that he could not reveal a thing about the movie, until he finally backed off on messing with the fans' heads and decided to reveal an exclusive and lengthy trailer that showed the face of the beast. The trailer seemed to give bits and pieces of the animals body such as a tail or a silhouette being displayed during a flash of lightening behind the beast. Finally at the end revealed the monster in all his glory and fans at WonderCon looked upon with awe. The drama could indeed be felt significantly, especially through the acting abilities of Cranston.

Edwards made a comparison to the design of Godzilla's appearance to that of trying to solve a Rubix Cube. As soon as the puzzle solver finds all the colors to one side of the cube, there would be other parts of the puzzle completely unsolved. Such as how this would analogous to the CGI design of the creature. This process basically took around a year to perfect.

Actors in the film were commanded to take the film acting on a personal level. This was mostly due to the situation entailing the routine and typical monster films and by taking on a dramatic role of taking the film seriously, this would cause the audience to get immersed seriously into the personal nature of the film. The actors had to make it feel like they were personally involved in the situation.

There also seems to be clear intentions of Godzilla's motivation in the film and this was due in part to the encounter he's about to have with a rather pterodactyl/mantis looking creature that entails the life cycle of Godzilla. There does seem to be a "man vs. nature" theme about the film and Edwards did not want this to be some kind of typical film where a 350 foot monster goes tramping around Japan wreaking nonsensical havoc all over. This film is suppose to induce the fear that animals may one day reclaim what is theirs.

Secrecy abounded this flick and Edwards suggests that "quiet is the new loud" when it comes to the film industry. Edwards said, "All good ideas in the marketing of this film are all down to me. All the mistakes, the things you don't like was the marketing team". Edwards also stated there was no need to thank him just yet only because the film hasn't been seen just yet. He commented, ""You haven't seen the movie yet!" Edwards said. "You should never thank me for this film. It was a completely selfish act. I was going to do it whether you'd see it or not".

"Godzilla" opens in theaters come May 16.

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