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Gamera looking for fans on eBay.

Are you a diehard Godzilla fan? Do you love turtles in all their mutations? Check out the Toyland Japan eBay auction. For a mere buy-it-now price of $14,000 and an additional $2,000 for economy shipping you can have a "lifesize" bullmark Gamera kaiju statue.

By lifesize, I think they mean about the height of a small person (1.5 meters tall). In unreal life, Gamera first appeared in 1965, in the Daiei Motion Picture Company's movie "Gamera." Daiei hoped to jump on the kaiju train to international success. Gamera is now owned by Kadokawa Pictures.

Gamera is a flying turtle that can walk on two legs although in the first outings he was quadrapedal. Gamera is supposed to be 60-80 metre tall and weigh 5,500 tons.

There are already 3 offers, but so far no one has the full price yet. Customs might be another problem and the statue is sold "as is." Check it out!

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