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Godzilla 2: The King's next opponent part one

Who will be the kings next opponent for the sequel?
Who will be the kings next opponent for the sequel?
Warner Bros.

Now that Godzilla has grossed over 1 Billion dollars worldwide and the origin of the King is out of the way in this first film of a trilogy, the filmmakers can focus more on Godzilla's next opponent.

Godzilla has not only been given the title of "King of The Monsters" by the media in the film, but is established as THE Alpha predator of Earth by Dr. Serizawa. This means that the writers do not have to worry about explaining why Godzilla would show up so suddenly when a new monster begins to wreak havoc on us unsuspecting weakling defenseless humans. Hes coming to defend is terrain which is all of Earth.

So, who shall be the next opponent for the King of Monsters? Lets start a list and look at our contenders! Today its.....

King Ghidorah!

Probably Godzilla's second most dangerous foe. The first is MechaGodzilla (any version, I'll explain later). The original version of Ghidorah is an alien who travels to Earth in a magnetic meteorite, and devastates Japan until repelled by the unified forces of Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra.

There are a few other incarnations of the mighty space dragon such as the Heisei Versions (1991 & 1997) and the Millennium series (2001 & 2004). Now if the filmmakers wish to keep the MUTO story going and have varying versions of these creatures then you can have a MUTO Ghidorah. But that might be too much.

My pick is that you go with the original version's story and update it. Have Ghidorah arrive in our solar system. Satellites pick up Venus' resources being depleted by an unknown entity until scans pick up the figure of Ghidorah. You can make up something like Ghidorah needs sources of energy such as: Deuterium. Deuterium is 150 times more prevalent than on Earth and might need removal from what hydrogen is available in the clouds to make potable water. Thus it’s a natural fusion fuel resource, though diffusely spread throughout the clouds.

Now Ghidorah can also devour other resources and they can make up whatever they want. Have a Japanese astronomer who has been studying this anomaly name it Ghidorah, based on seeing that its means God of power, terror or destruction. King Ghidorah then makes his way to devour all of Earth's resources and Godzilla arrives to do battle.

That's my take for Godzilla 2 as far as Ghidorah's concerned.

Next week: Mothra!!

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