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Godzilla 2: The Coming of Mothra

Mothra rumored for sequel to Godzilla
Mothra rumored for sequel to Godzilla

Ok. So last week I wrote about how they could bring in King Ghidorah as the main antagonist to fight Godzilla. This week let's talk about the Queen of Toho Monsters: Mothra!!

Mothra has fought Godzilla 6 times toe to toe in the Big G's 60 year history. Mothra has won nearly all the battles with the big G but has never killed him. I'm talking about in her Adult and larvae forms. Godzilla on the other hand has killed and maimed a few Mothra's but has never won the end battle.

Which version of Mothra should be placed in the sequel? Well, the traditional of course. Not the Heisei or Millenium versions. The Plot? Maybe something like: A new monster arrives to destroy the earth and Godzilla, the alpha predator, arrives to engage it. It also threatens Mothra as well and her people send her to assist. Godzilla vs Mothra is not enough. Gareth Edwards will not do a complete rehash of an old Toho film. We need a real threat. Either a threat from space, or a bio-monster. Bagan is a good fit or at least a monster that looks like Bagan if Legendary can afford Toho's price for rights. Or bring in Ghidorah as I stated in my last article. Mothra and Godzilla join forces and defeat the monster and maybe go their merry ways after.

Now let's look at the original encounter between these two titans and give the blow by blow for those who do not know the history. All courtesy of Wikipedia.

After a typhoon hits Japan, a giant egg is discovered on the shore. The local villagers salvage it, and scientists come to study the egg. Godzilla suddenly emerges from Kurada Beach, where he had been blown ashore by the hurricane and buried under mud, and begins to attack Nagoya.

Long story short, Godzilla walks towards Mothra's egg and tries to destroy it until Mothra shows up. The two fight a tough battle where Mothra seems to have the upper hand. While on the ground, Godzilla fires his atomic breath into Mothra's face and mortally injures her. Mothra dies with her wing resting on top of her egg while Godzilla walks away. The Shobijin then explain to Sakai, Junko, and Miura that the egg can be hatched today and begin to sing.

Meanwhile, the military tries to fight Godzilla by electrocuting him with artificial lighting but fail. Godzilla then melts the tanks with his atomic breath. The Shobijin continue singing and Mothra's egg finally hatches with not one, but two Mothra larvae. The larvae follow Godzilla to Iwa Island and use their silk spray on Godzilla to trap him, sending him into the sea. The Mothra larvae and the Shobijin celebrate and return to Infant Island.

Next week: Godzilla Monster Island!

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