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Gods and unicorns - fact or fiction?

One of the big arguments or “proofs” of the Christian community is that while they cannot prove that God exists, we skeptics and such cannot prove that God does not exist.

Excuse me? Something got lost in their translation of a summation of debates or arguments that the Christians failed to realize.

Christians are making the case that God does exist, and that there is proof of him. They say that there must be a god since us skeptics can’t prove that there is not a God or god.

Excuse me? It is your job, as Christians, to prove that there is a god. It is not my job to prove that there is no god or God.

Let’s look at this from another angle, and leave God out of it. Let’s assume for a minute that you are a strong believer that unicorns exist, that unicorns have been written about, that there are examples of unicorn horns (really narwhale), and that they are found everywhere in ancient literature.

That’s fine. But the same thing can be said about fire-breathing dragons, regular dragons, leprechauns, elves, fairies, trolls, gremlins, witches, gnomes, pixies, nymphs, sprites, sirens, etc.

All of these have been written about, with tales of their exploits told and retold. All have been depicted by famous artists and sculptors. That all of the above are in literature, folktales and art does not make them real any more than the gods of Greece, Rome, Asia, Norse lands, or Egypt are real and available for a dinner invitation next Thursday.

On what do I base my insistence that unicorns are not real? First, I don’t have to do anything, since it is your job, as a hypothetical unicorner to produce a unicorn, to find a fossil unicorn, to have photographic or other evidence of unicorns, or to have unicorns in a zoo.

But I can point out there is none of the above evidence for unicorns. I can point out that even if unicorns were invisible, we would occasionally bump into one.

Unless unicorns have no voice, we have instruments that can pick up the low or high scale of sound, even if we can’t hear unicorns ourselves.

Now, translate that to a “belief” in God or a god. There is no proof; there is no evidence of anything that we can with sophisticated instruments prove as evidence of a god or God.

In science and when using one aspect of the Scientific Method, proof of a hypothesis or postulation is vital to any proposed idea being accepted by everyone.

To prove the existence of a god or God, you have to have evidence of some sort that will put you into the ball park of science. You have to have facts. You have to use truth.

I can prove that there are lands such as Iceland, Greenland and Britain. I can’t prove – despite the writings of Plato – that there is or was an Atlantis. There is no definable evidence.

I can prove that we have nuclear energy and fusion, with the various nuclear energy facilities and the atomic bombs of August 6 and August 9, 1945.

I can’t prove that cold fusion exists, because that 1989 experiment of hope and promise by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons failed. Science is like that – it tests itself. There is no replicable evidence for cold fusion.

Want me to prove that god or God does not exist? I just did. Go ahead. It’s your turn now. Does God exist? Prove it!

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