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Godinterest: The Christian kind of Pinterest, with music and sermon promotions

Godinterest: The Christian kind of Pinterest, with music and sermon promotions
Godinterest: The Christian kind of Pinterest, with music and sermon promotions

When Pinterest first hit the scene, it was fascinating. Writers like this Christian reporter on Examiner found ourselves pinning away and creating boards just like the rest of the general public – as well as finding geeky and only slightly legal ways to beef up our followings by auto-following other users whom we hoped and prayed would return the favor and follow us back. As far as pins that were related to Christian stuff, however, well those tended to end up segregated to boards on Pinterest called “Christian stuff,” as if we were giving our followers fair warning that a reference or two or 20 to John 14:6 might be found therein.

There’s no such need for all that separation of church and our spiritual state of pinning photos, videos and articles with Godinterest, a site that’s making waves across the web. Yes, people are calling it the Christian version of Pinterest, and based on the vantage point of the particular publication covering the website, you can imagine the wide range of responses to the site. But the important news to note is that people are using it droves – enough for new and trending items to flow into the feed on a consistent basis.

How Godinterest is being used varies, based upon the user. This reporter just got lost in pin that linked to a 6-minute-plus long video testimony of Yolanda Adams describing how God delivered her from an abusive marriage to a man that the Lord warned her not to marry in the first place.

“You chose him over Me,” Adams recalled, repeating the words she heard from heaven when she decided not to cancel her paid-for wedding even though she knew it was the wrong thing to do.

Others are using the social sharing site to spread snippets of Christian-based sermons on video, or to promote faith-directed clothing lines with Scripture emblazoned on Zazzle t-shirts. Lots of users are taking advantage of the platform to promote believer types of blog posts that expose their writings to new sources of readers, a move that has this writer envisioning pinning this article onto my newly created Godinterest account shortly after pressing the “publish” button.

One could envision it becoming a popular place to share and promote Christian music, books, and all sorts of happenings that surround us in the community of believers. Besides, with so many publications like The Christian Post, Elev8, and The Old Black Church geared towards the saints online these days, it’d be nice to have all the Christian news centered in one easy to access location that doesn’t necessitate visiting various websites to learn the latest buzz. Perhaps if Godinterest continues to catch on the way it’s been growing, it will one day rival the kinds of visitor numbers and web stats that its forerunner Pinterest enjoys.

Those of us who’ve just discovered the site and like it tremendously can only hope and pray it keeps going viral.