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'God, Where Were You When?' joins Lester Sumrall’s Network

Hear Sherrie Clark discuss issues that may be on your mind
Hear Sherrie Clark discuss issues that may be on your mind
/ Ms. "V" (Poller)

The radio broadcast “God, Where Were You When?” has just joined the international radio network World Harvest Radio, founded by the later Dr. Lester Sumrall. As a result, this show will expand its reach and will now be broadcasting throughout Europe every Sunday evening.

Book and radio blog makes way for unique venture with Dr. Lester Sumrall
/ Sherrie Clark

“God, Where Were You When?” is a weekly broadcast on the popular Blog Talk Radio. The show addresses a variety of serious issues, exposes injustices, find solutions & answers while providing hope. Each week, a survivor, expert and/or counselor comes on the show to talk about a problem or crisis, and with it, will give a biblical perspective.

This opportunity with World Harvest Radio came as a surprise to the show’s host Sherrie Clark when LeSEA Broadcasting Network contacted her in December. They asked if she could bring her show onto their network. Clark prayed about it, but she realized that God had opened a huge door for her. She knew that more people needed to hear the messages in the broadcasts so that they could obtain directions, learn how to heal and gain hope in the midst of the storm.

Clark said, “These are some tough issues we discuss. We get real and open and don’t try to hide behind a religious façade; I refuse to play church. People need to know that they’re not alone in what they’re going through, that there are other people out there who have gone through it, who have walked in their shoes and have come out on the other side.”

Some of the discussion topics may be: Islam, spiritual or domestic abuse, losing a child, nutrition, out-of-control children, menopause, educational options for your child, shame, or numerous other topics - no subject matter is off limits for the show. The broadcast is in its second year of airing and continues to add to its library. If a person needs information or is struggling with something, chances are that he or she can find a show on the subject.

In the USA, you can listen to “God, Where Were You When?” on World Harvest Radio every Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. by going to the World Harvest Radio. Once there, go to ‘Frequencies’ and then scroll down to Angel 2. You can also listen-in by tuning on 9.505 on a shortwave radio. Nevertheless, you can also listen to the show anytime by going to: Blog Talk Radio/Truth Network.

Clark is excited that World Harvest Radio/LeSEA Broadcasting Network is taking this show into such an expansive area. She had not anticipated such a large reach, but through this opportunity, she’s learned to never put limits on God.

“Europe,” Clark said, “is only the beginning.”

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