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God's Word: Missing the forest for the trees

Holy Bible
Holy Bible

I can never seem to understand how so many people can entirely miss the point of the Bible. I don't necessarily mean the skeptics, the scoffers, the general unbeliever. It is those who profess to study, read, or even have rudimentary basics of Biblical lore that continually mystify me with the never ending debates on this doctrine or that dogma, or what Jesus REALLY means by this verse.

Is it any wonder that the spirit of Christ has no affect on a hard hearted world? Why should they heed our alter calls? Why should they listen to us, when our own ranks are in tragic disarray. The Holy Word of God dissected, categorized, twisted, manipulated and desecrated until it is this mutated thing grossly lacking in the true meat our souls so desperately need. What does the unbeliever have to look forward to? A heap of lies and falsities. Why should they believe, when it appears that we "Christians" have no idea what to believe.

We can most certainly credit our eternal enemy for fostering confusion, doubt and strife in our churches, and we can forever point our finger at him screaming "The Devil Made Me Do It". But we were warned, were we not? Paul told the Ephesians that we are at war not with flesh and blood, but with forces of evil and principalities of evil. Without true meat we are defenseless. Are you not tired of hearing the same message? Are you not tired of hearing how God loves you, and is ready to give you your wildest dreams? Are you tired of not getting any answers? Tired of being part of the Dead Church?

By the way, mankind will get his chance to prove his innocence. For 1000 years while Satan is locked in Hell, God gives man free reign to prove that he is inherently good. Sadly, man will fail. This really should come as no surprise. God says 'the intentions of a man's heart is evil from his youth'. Man will revert to form, and wickedness will once again run across the earth. Satan will be let out of hell bent on massing his army for the final battle. From heaven will come a shaft of fire that will consume the earth every living thing will be destroyed, along with the wicked and those who's names were not found in the Lamb's book of Life. After this old earth has been purged of evil and wickedness, we will live eternally with Jesus as King of kings. This is our future folks.

So ask yourself this: Which seminary did Paul go to? What School of Theology did Jesus attend? Lean not on your own understanding. Why does God tell us this? Because even at the time of our most enlightened epiphany, we are still ignorant as babes. God is omnicient, ominpotent. How can you take the words of the Bible and study it thusly and extract the ideologies that you feel most comfortable with and assume that you are on the same level of transcendent thought as God to determine that this is the exact truth? If the Bible God says the sky was pink before the resurrection of Christ, then you better believe it.

Here's a little story: A farmer had a mule born with two heads, one in front, one in back. He kinda pittied the animal so he thought maybe he could get it to at least pull a wagon around his wifes herb garden. So the farmer hitches a little wagon up to the mule. But the head that's looking at the wagon wants to get to the tasty herbs that are in the back of the wagon. The head on the other end is trying to get to the tasty herbs on the ground. Fighting against itself, the mule succeeds only in turning over the wagon and trampling the herbs. So the farmer took the mule around back and shot it.

Small Bible groups is key. Ever played that game when you stand in a line and whisper a secret to the person next to you, and they do the same, on down the line. The larger the group, the more the secret has changed, hasn't it? Stick to small prayer groups. Study the Truth together, let God minister to your soul. You don't need a pedigree to learn what God really wants you to know. Try isolating yourself. Get in the wilderness alone with God for a time. Allow Him to show you things about yourself you never knew. Then He will show you things about Him you never knew.

Ultimately the goal of the Bible is to bear witness to the Glory that is Jesus Christ. The millions of little stories that make up the Bible merely are glimpses of life and how God interacts with humanity. Much of the Bible is prophetic. Why? Because God has given us a pearl. The thing is we don't know what that pearl is worth. So God puts clues here and there for us to find and sort out. But it is His intention that we seek Him for wisdom, not try to figure it all out on our own. We should spread the Gosple of Christ, plant the seed. Let God do the watering.

Transcend. Climb up the mountain, or are you scared you will look funny with white hair and glowing face? Don't you want to know what the pearl is worth? Don't you want to know what name is written on that pebble you will recieve?

Quit looking for people to tell you how much that pearl is worth. Only God knows the true value. Ask Him.

And Repent, Repent, Repent. Oh wicked children of God repent!

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