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God's will and fate

Following the tracks
Following the tracks
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

As Catholic Christians, we strive to live by our faith in God. We know that we are here on earth to know Him, love Him and serve Him. To help us to grow to know Him, love Him and serve Him, God gave each and every human person the gift of free will. Without this gift of free will, we could not choose to love, honor and serve God.

God freely, without our merit, gives us His complete and unconditional love. In return He wants us to choose to give Him our complete and unconditional love. Through this gift of free will, all human persons have the ability to make choices in their lives. Along with free will, God gives us the gifts of the Holy Spirit: knowledge of the virtues and sacramental grace to help guide us to making good choices.

He also reveals to us, through the Bible, how to make good choices with our free will. For example, it was through an act of free will that Mary, by the power of the Holy Spirit, became the Mother of the incarnate Son of God, Jesus. Mary’s “yes” to the Will of God undid the sinful “no” of our first mother, Eve.

We know that God is omniscient. He knows everything since the beginning of time and for all eternity. He has a plan for each and every human person, yet, we are not pre-destined; there is no ultimate fate that we must live. By the very nature of God’s gift of free will, we can choose to follow God’s will or to turn away from Him in sin. There is no ultimate fate, just the results of our choices.

The Columbus Catholic Connection: On Monday, September 6, there will be a Mass in Anticipation of the Feast of Mary’s Nativity at 7:00 pm, at St. Patrick Church, 280 N. Grant Ave., Columbus. Mass will be celebrated by Father Andre LaCasse, OP, followed by a birthday social in Aquinas Hall. For information please call, 614-235-7435.