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God's thoughts concerning unhealthy sexual expression

In spite of denial, the majority of America's moral law was written from the Judeo-Christian standards.  The vast majority of signers of the Declaration of Independence were active members of their respective churches.
In spite of denial, the majority of America's moral law was written from the Judeo-Christian standards. The vast majority of signers of the Declaration of Independence were active members of their respective churches.

Mankind’s behavior has always been debated in spiritual, educational, and scientific circles. Intellectuals are convinced that education will solve all of mankind’s issues. That sounds wonderful, unfortunately history irrefutably shows that moral decay came from unhealthy expressions of sexuality which has nothing to do with rationality.

The Greek and Roman empires in spite of their lofty intellectual heights deteriorated due to depravity. The Greeks tolerated any behavior sexually and spiritually in their multitude of pursuits. The Roman’s social fabric eventually disintegrated under the same issues.

Yahweh God in His ongoing wisdom is proven right without exception regarding the laws governing the Israelites for healthy sexual expression after spending centuries in Egypt where infidelity, sex within the family, bestiality, and other practices of sexual acts ultimately would destroy the family and social fabric of society. Leviticus is commonly referenced as the standard for healthy expression of sex God intended.

God does not hate homosexuals at all, no more than he hates the people that practice heterosexual sins of adultery and fornication. It is the sinner's actions God hates as outlined in Proverbs 6:16-18.

In spite of the propaganda being regurgitated concerning statistics, there are far less gays present in society than the 10% of the population being articulated. There is also no predisposition medically or genetically that determines whether somebody will prefer opposite or same sex attraction.

God’s word forbids the practice of sexual activity before marriage because of this issue, your sexuality is an open unwritten program for stimulation. Each individual creates their own sexual preference by these long known issues; environment, socialization, what you expose yourself to, what you personally practice, and associate.

One can establish a sexual interest in anything based on what you program your internal computer and what society encourages you to practice. All one would have to do is inspect the Greek, Roman, or Egyptian societies to show what people were indoctrinated to. The same is true in America.

The addiction to pornography becomes a powerful psychological trap due to one programming their mind, the strongest attraction manufacturing system there is.

Any clinical psychiatrist or psychologist has detailed files of people being attracted to inanimate objects. Does that mean there is DNA for that behavior? People become infatuated with parts of the body as feet or ankles. This is not a genetic manufactured behavior but one due to experience.

The silliness of trying to find a genetic presupposition for homosexuality is a search determined by a sought after conclusion to substantiate a political redirection. Some human generated behavior is just not good for you and the proof of any behavior being expressed as restricted in the Bible will end up with unwanted conclusions.

Just as unrestricted sex practiced within the family structure of parents and children is prohibited by the Levitical law, there is more than a spiritual lesson; it destroys the integrity of the family as any behavioral expert will tell you. One could have a sexual arrangement between three or more people, however it rarely works due to emotional boundaries being violated. There are a lot more dynamics to human relationships than feeling good.

The model of the woman caught in adultery which is disclosed in John 8:3-11 established exactly what God’s attitude is regarding any deviation of the sexual guidelines of the Old Testament. Christ came to implement a new covenant and the multiple issues Jesus concerned Himself with involved the woman’s spiritual condition than her failed performance of the past.

Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery, and it is a sure sign Christ would not condemn acts of homosexuality. However those claiming understanding of the Bible are grossly mistaken to spout off about the New Testament not dealing with homosexuality when God’s word clearly does in Romans 1.

The adulteress incident was more of a lesson to the pious crowd with worst sins of their own hypocrisy being all too willing to stone the woman to death based on the law of Moses. Christ as stipulated in the less quoted John 3:17 is not interested in condemnation, but redemption of mankind.

The also often ignored portion of truth to the woman caught in sexual sin was to “go and sin no more”. As the scriptures eloquently put, "everything is permitted, but everything is not expedient for you".

Every type of sexual expression is not validated in the Bible simply because one can do it.

Sexual temptation is wrestled with all the time, and it does not mean thinking about it or being tempted is a sin unto itself. Jesus was tempted in all manners of sin as we are, but did not sin. All manners includes homosexual expression, adultery, and fornication.

Physical sexual expression formulates your sexual preferences, which is why there are specific limits in the Bible. All types of preferred sexual expression is established by what a person exposes themselves to or what is exposed to them. Your stimulation center and sex drive is an ongoing evolving data base that is formed by what goes in and what is reinforced by practice. Your sexual programming is all done in the mind.

This really is not that complicated.

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