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God's Summer

You can take the Summer and explore God's word with your kids. You can take time each day with your homeschooling family to explore his word and Christian teachings. You can go to Catholic Mom for guidance of Summer activities to do with your kids. You can go to: . You can use these as basis to educate your kids on a weekly basis. You can concentrate on Psalms and 10 Commandments. You can also find an assortment of lesson plans and ideas to use with your kids. You can get them at : . You can also go : The Catholic Toolbox for more tips at :

You can make it a priority to include God in each activity you do in your home each day. You might enjoy seeing Son of God or the Bible Series with your teens. You can make God part of each day. Pray with your kids and make him part of the home school experience. You can get more tips and ideas on books at Wilkes Public Library. You can visit also the Catholic parish in North Wilkesboro in Wilkes.

You can explore praying the Rosary. Check out the video at

You can seek out more resources online to add to their spiritual education. You can seek out more books at the Wilkes Public Library. You can explore Catholic TV and seek out resources for your family at :

You can also access Free Printables at : Take time to pray and get your kids giving God part of their Summer.

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