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God's sovereignty takes precedence

A storm is brewing from heaven
A storm is brewing from heaven
Ralph Dooley

God's sovereignty will always take precedence over man's leadership including that of the Board of Selectmen's governing system in East Windsor/Broad Brook, as well. Political campaigns for our nation are in full swing and the time for people to vote has come once again.

In God's sovereignty, He chose a king for His people to reign over them for this is what they wanted---a king. Once the king was chosen and the people approved, Samuel served them with both God's blessing and cursing of their want for a king. Now that they had their king, Samuel instructed the people, to still hold reverent fear of the Lord. They were to fear Him in all reverence and esteem Him highly above all human beings, including their king whom He had chosen for them.

The Blessing

The people of God were admonished by Samuel, to serve God only and to do what He says. In other words, God was still expecting them to be obedient to Him and His commands given to them. They were encouraged that if they did all that God said, then things would be well with Him and them in the land God's people now posses. The people were told to:

  • Continue to fear God, worship and serve Him; not turning to idols instead
  • Continue to do what He says or commands; listening to and obeying His voice.
  • Not go against or rebel against His commands
  • Continue following God

And the last thing told to them after, "if you will fear the Lord and serve Him, and obey His voice and do not rebel against His commands...". Talking about the people and their king. If they did all these things set before them, then good; it will be well with them. And then they were warned: But....If not?

The Curse

But....If not? Samuel delivers the warning message of not following God whole heartedly.

"15But if you rebel against the LORD's commands and refuse to listen to him, then his hand will be as heavy upon you as it was upon your ancestors."

Samuel reiterates that if the people do not do all that is required of them, the hand of God would be heavy on them also just as it was their ancestors. The ancestors rebelled in the wilderness and God caused all the old to die and only the young were permitted to enter into the promise land.

God was displeased and disappointed with His children's the children behavior while in the wilderness. And so God would be displeased and disappointed, once again, with His children if they served and worshiped other idols or rebel against Him. The people would have to suffer the discipline of God's love under His mighty hand.

Samuel makes it no secret about the curse that would be upon the people if they were to turn away from God on all points. God was already displeased about the people asking for a king, when He was their King. He knew that by having a mortal king the people would be tempted to put their faith and trust in man instead of Him. So God makes sure Samuel warns His people about the magnitude of turning away to follow man's ways and not His ways.

Culture today tends to dictate to Christians who and what they are or should be like. It dictates it's own ideas of what a Christian should look like, be about and do. Unfortunately, Christians have allowed the world to dictate so much of it's personality and behavior that churches are finding ways to do things like the world; therefore imitating the world and not Christ. The church is to imitate Christ, not the other way around.

But God warns the people about turning away from Him and pursuing other idols over Him. He warns them about disobedience and rebellion. And, as a society today, the same is being repeated. God's people need to heed His warning of not going "against God and His commands", for they are living in an evil day.


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