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God’s Provision: Jesus! (John 6:47-48)

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“Very truly I tell you, the one who believers has eternal life. I am the bread of life.”(John 6:47-48)

People have needs for the basic necessities of life. Clothes, food, shelter, etc are a few of those areas. Basic needs are for the purposes for them to grow and prosper. Emotional needs are met with hugs and love. The goal is to provide nourishment for thriving in the environment. Nourishment is needed to sustain life.

God has made provision for His creation. He gives food and love. He is the source of all provision. The most significant area is love and His gift of salvation through His only Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is life. He is the nourishment for every human’s need for salvation from sin, death, and hell. He is God’s providential care for redeeming the human soul.

Believer, continue to be thankful for God’s provision of salvation. Share with others how they can accept God’s care and love. The power of the Holy Spirit enables you to do it. Amen!